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Switch to e-invoices and participate in the prize draw!


  • YTK

Paying your membership fee with an e-invoice is easier, more flexible and safer than paying with a paper invoice. If you switch to e-invoicing now, you will also have a chance to win a EUR 100 gift card.

Your invoices are easy to manage when you use e-invoicing. See below for instructions on how to order an e-invoice.

At the beginning of each month, we will have a prize draw of two gift cards worth EUR 100 each to for everyone who switched to e-invoices during the previous month. All e-invoice orders that were activated during the previous calendar month are automatically included in the draw. The first draw will take place on 7 July, and all e-invoice orders that started between 24 May and 30 June will participate. Prize draw rules.

You can request an e-invoice in the Oma+ service or your own online bank. Once
you have requested an e-invoice, you can request that your online bank notifies you when a new invoice arrives.
If you want, you can also set the e-invoice to be paid automatically.

If you are a combined member of YTK, you can double your chances of winning by also ordering YTK Unemployment fund’s membership fee invoice as an e-invoice!

There are two options for requesting an e-invoice:

  1. Request an e-invoice in the Oma+ service:
    a) Log in to Oma+ and click Switch to e-invoice in the right column.
    b) Choose your bank from the list.
    c) Click Send an e-invoice request.
    d) IMPORTANT: The e-invoice request will arrive in your online bank to wait for your approval within 1 to 3 business days. You need to approve the request within 30 days or it will expire and the request will not be approved. Some banks do not show e-invoice requests in their mobile application. However, you can approve the request through the browser version of the online bank.
  2. Change your billing preferences yourself in your online banking app:
    a) Log in to your online bank.
    b) Request an e-invoice by following the online bank instructions.
    ​​​​​​​c) If you need the reference number of the invoice, you can find it in Oma+ at Membership fees -> Invoice details.