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Privacy Policy of YTK Worklife

The privacy of our members is very important to us here at YTK Worklife (FKA YTK Association). We commit to protecting the privacy of our members and complying with the legislation on data protection and processing personal data. We also ensure that we always process the personal data of our members safely.

We need your personal data in order to provide you with the best possible help when you are faced with changes in your working life. Below, you can read more about how we collect and process your data and which partners we work with, and how you can request information about yourself. In addition, we explain below in more detail how we are committed to protecting your privacy while processing your personal data.

General questions and answers:

1. What data do we process? 

The purpose of YTK Worklife is to promote the general, occupational, social, financial and judicial interests of its members.

We primarily only collect information directly from members of YTK Worklife, only for the purposes specified above and only to the extent that is necessary.

2. What rights do I have? 

All data subjects have the right to:

YTK Worklife members can easily check their own contact details via the electronic OMA+ service for members of the Working Life Services. The service allows members to update their contact details. If you are a member and wish to exercise your rights as a registered member, please contact us via our OMA+ service in the first instance.

For other personal data processed, the request may be made by e-mail to [email protected], from which any further instructions will be sent. We will respond to requests as soon as possible, and at the latest within one month. If we need more time, we will contact you within one month. As a general rule, the review will be free of charge once a year. 

3. Data storage and security

YTK Worklife only collects personal data that is necessary and required for the purpose of processing. Data is not collected or stored in any larger amounts or for any longer time than required for this purpose.

The information systems, in which the data is stored, are protected by technical means and located in a locked and well supervised premises. The data network is protected by firewalls and other technical means.

The data storage periods are determined based on the currently valid legislation and taking the need and purpose of processing into account.

Privacy policy of YTK Worklife’s membership register

1. The registry keeper

YTK Worklife (FKA YTK Association)

Address: Teollisuuskatu 4, 32200 Loimaa  

[email protected]  

2. Contacts in issues related to the register 

YTK Worklife

Teollisuuskatu 4, 32200 Loimaa  

[email protected]   

p. 02 760 7630 (Mon-Fri 9-11)

3. Name of the register

YTK Worklife membership register

4. Purpose and legal basis for processing personal data

The processing of personal data is based on Article 6(1) (a), (b), (c) and (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). The processing of personal data is necessary to maintain YTK Worklife’s register of members and provide members’ benefits.

In principle, the processing of personal data is based on YTK Worklife’s legal obligation to maintain a register of members and the provision of members’ benefits pursuant to agreement. YTK Worklife can process your personal data if other legislation requires it, such as those based on the obligation to retain accounting material pursuant to the Accounting Act. YTK Worklife has certain legitimate interests related to carrying out its activities, such as developing the activities further, quality control and investigating possible abuses, and your personal data can also be processed on this basis. 

The purpose of the register is the up-to-date management of members’ personal data during their membership, the provision of membership benefits, the maintenance and development of the register, marketing, direct marketing and also the management of the documentation of expired memberships in the personal data system.

5. Whose data do we process? 

As a rule, we process the personal data of our members. In addition, we process information on people who have been members, applied to become members, otherwise contacted YTK Worklife, or visited the YTK Worklife website. We can also collect information on people with an involvement, obligation or other connection related to a member relationship.

6. What kind of information can we collect? 

a) Personal data

b) Member information

Information about calls to YTK Worklife’s customer service: the caller is identified by the phone number when the caller is a member of YTK Worklife. For calls from members, the register collects the time of the call, the duration of the call and the ID of the call handler. Members’ calls are recorded. YTK Worklife records customer service calls in order to protect the rights of the parties involved in the transaction. These recordings can also be used to improve the quality of customer service. The recordings are made in a secure manner and are not used for any other purpose and are not disclosed to third parties.

c) Cookies in the online service

d) Contacting a lawyer or payroll officer via OMA+

If a member contacts an expert (YTK Worklife’s lawyer, a lawyer from Opuslex or a payroll expert from Henkilöstötieto Paloniemi Oy) in the OMA+ service, written communication between the member and the expert and any attachments will be recorded. In addition, the information filled in by the member on the form during the procedure, including employer information, is stored.

7. What are the sources, from which we collect personal data? 

As a rule, personal data is obtained from the membership form submitted by the member to the YTK Worklife. In addition, when YTK Worklife updates its members’ contact details, information is also obtained from the population information system and from the postal service. In the case of joint members of the YTK Worklife and the YTK Unemployment Fund, the contact details are processed and received between the parties on the basis of the consent given by the data subject at the time of joining, in order to organise the membership benefits for the members under the agreement. In addition, personal data may be collected when a member contacts the membership service or makes use of his/her membership benefits

8. Who processes the data and to whom we can disclose your personal data? 

At YTK Worklife, the right of the personnel to process the personal data of members is determined by the authorisation for use in accordance with the description of duties of the member of personnel. External service providers authorised by YTK Worklife can also process personal data to a limited extent. They process data for and on behalf of YTK Worklife. A binding agreement on processing has been drawn up by the parties, which takes the requirements concerning data protection and obligation of secrecy into account. The ownership of data is not transferred from YTK Worklife to the third party, and the third party does not have the right to use the data for purposes outside the assignment.

YTK Worklife may share your personal data by order of a Court or a similar body.

For joint members of the YTK Worklife and the YTK Unemployment Fund, the contact details are processed and disclosed between the parties on the basis of the consent of the member. Membership of YTK Worklife requires membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund (except for student members), so YTK Worklife has a contractual right to verify information on membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund.

9. Do we transfer your personal data outside the EU? 

In principle, information is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In some situations, YTK Worklife may use resources and servers around the world while providing services. Therefore, YTK Worklife may transfer your personal data outside the country, in which the services are used, and possibly also to countries outside the EU and EEA, where the legislation does not provide special protection for personal data or where the legislation on data protection is very different. In these cases, YTK Worklife ensures that there is a legal basis for the transfer of information and that the personal data of the user is protected in accordance with the applicable legislation by using (if necessary), for instance, standard agreements approved by the appropriate authorities and requiring compliance with the appropriate technical and practical data protection measures.

10. How long will we process your personal data? 

YTK Worklife processes your personal data in this register as long as YTK Worklife has a valid basis for processing the data as described in section 4 of this privacy statement, as well as for a reasonable period afterwards.

11. Data storage and security

YTK Worklife only collects personal data that is necessary and required for the purpose of processing. Data is not collected or stored in any larger amounts or for any longer time than required for this purpose.

Secure maintenance and disposal of the data storage media used for the processing of personal data guarantee that unauthorised third parties will not gain access to personal data. The IT hardware and data network are physically protected and located in locked and supervised premises. The data network is protected with a firewall and other technical means.

Only persons authorised by the controller have access to the register. Access to data, software and systems is limited by technical means (username, password) to persons that handle the duties of the unemployment fund. Access to premises where confidential information is processed or archived is only permitted to persons who need to access the premises to carry out their duties. The outer doors of the production premises are covered by a surveillance system. The employees are supervised through an access control system. The register users are bound by non-disclosure agreement and therefore must not pass on the data they process.

12. How can you exercise your rights in relation to your personal data?

As a registered user, you have several possibilities to influence the processing of your personal data. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible, and at the latest within one month. If we need more time, we will contact you within one month. Please contact us in the first instance via OMA+. If the OMA+ service is not available, you can also contact us by e-mail.

Your rights include:

a) Right to access the personal data collected about you

All members of YTK Worklife can easily access their own data via YTK Worklife’s online service OMA+. In OMA+, they can also update their contact information and send secure messages to YTK Worklife. 

For personal data, the request can be made by sending a message to the OMA+ service, which will send further instructions. The request for inspection must specify in detail what data the person wishes to inspect and for what period. As a general rule, the request for verification is free of charge once a year.

b) Right to demand the rectification of incorrect personal data collected about you

If you notice any errors or deficiencies in your information, you can submit a rectification request to us.

c) Right to request the erasure of your personal data

We are obliged to erase your personal data from our register upon your request, if one of the following criteria is met and other legislation or regulations by the authorities do not create an obligation to store the data:

  1. personal data is no longer needed for the purpose, for which it was processed;
  2. you withdraw the consent you have given, and there is no other legal basis for processing;
  3. you oppose processing due to your special personal circumstances, and there is no justified reason for processing;
  4. processing the data is against the law;

YTK Worklife may have a right based on the law or a legitimate interest to process your personal data for a certain period even after your membership has ended.

d) Right to request the restriction of processing of your personal data.

You may ask YTK Worklife to restrict the processing of your personal data, if: 

if you contest the correctness of the data which we have registered about you or the lawfulness of processing, or if you have objected to the processing of the data in accordance with your right to object, you may request us to restrict the processing of these data to storage only. In this case, the processing of your data will be limited to storage until the correctness of the data can be established, or until it is assured that our legitimate interests override your interests. 

e) Right to transfer the information you have provided from one system to another

You have the right to receive the personal data you have submitted to YTK Worklife in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and the right to transfer said data to another controller.

f) Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority 

If a potential dispute concerning the processing of your personal data cannot be amicably resolved between you and YTK Worklife, you have the right to take the case to be resolved by the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

13. Cookies

Your permission concerns the following areas: 

Cookie notice last updated 4.12.2023.

We use cookies

A cookie is a data file that the service sends to your computer. It allows the managing of the service events. YTK Worklife uses cookies to improve the user experience and the general standard of the service and to analyse the use of its website from the point of view of marketing and quality control.

Cookies do not damage your equipment, and they cannot be used to spread malware. By accepting all cookies you will ensure that that you will get the best possible user experience on our website.

What kinds of cookies do we use?

Necessary cookies

Our website needs these automatically activated cookies in order to provide a good and secure user experience. Necessary cookies enable the basic functions of the website, such as the chat service, and the functioning of informative windows, such as asking the acceptance of cookies. These cookies shall be always switched on, because they are necessary for the correct functioning of the website.

Functional cookies

Through functional cookies we can take useful functions into use for improving your user experience, such as e.g. remembering your language preferences.

Statistics cookies

The purpose of statistics cookies is to produce or offer to us data based on which we can improve the usability and customer experience of our website. These cookies tell us how much our services are used, what they are used for, and what issues should be taken into account in the development of the services.

For example, the Google Analytics service that we apply uses statistics cookies. We always examine aggregated data, and we do not save personal data on the use of the website.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies help us and our reliable partners to place targeted advertising on the websites of companies that participate in marketing co-operation. These cookies are mostly set by the providers of the advertising environment (such as Facebook, Google and AdForm).

Through marketing cookies we can enrich the data used in the targeting of marketing by using the data shared with third parties and, based on that, target the marketing according to what you are interested in. That way we can offer benefits and marketing that better matches your needs. We use the advertising and tracking services of e.g. Google and Facebook in the generation of targeted marketing.

How to manage cookies

We do not save your cookie preferences on our website, but your consent is saved on your web browser. Your cookie preferences will be valid for 12 months, if you do not change your preferences. You can modify your consent given earlier at any time by returning to the cookie settings. You may have to refresh your browser for the new settings to enter into force.

Most web browsers allow you to manage cookies through the browser settings. If you wish, you can change the settings of your web browser so that either all or only such cookies that do not come directly from YTK Worklife’s service are blocked. If all cookies are blocked, the YTK Worklife online service may cease to function either completely or partially.

The third-party cookies found on our website follow the privacy policies of third parties. More information on the purposes of use of the data by third parties can be found in their respective privacy policies.

Website and telecommunications technical log files

Technical log data of the telecommunications connections and use of the YTK Worklife’s website are collected, which are needed to produce the online service and take care of data security. The log data contains information that can be linked to a person, such as an IP address and a timestamp. This log data is only used to enable the service on the telecommunications network, to resolve errors and to ensure data security.

The processing of personal data related to the provision of the online service and the provision of data security is necessary in order to comply with the legal obligations of YTK Unemployment Fund.

The service of the YTK Unemployment Fund and the YTK Worklife’s online service is provided by Pilvia. Pilvia’s co-contractor Cloudflare Inc. may use some of the logbook data to develop their service and transfer them to the United States for processing for that purpose. The transfer of personal data to the United States is based on the standard contractual clauses adopted by the EU Commission and the risk assessment carried out by the YTK Unemployment Fund.

14. Which country’s law applies to the processing of data? 

The Finnish law as well as EU law directly applicable in Finland, such as the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, apply to the processing of this personal data file and the personal data included in it.

15. Changes

We understand the importance of data protection for our members and the visitors on our website, and we aim to stay in the vanguard of development in this respect, too. YTK Worklife can amend this data protection and privacy statement. The changes will be published on this page.