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Easy and transparent!

You will receive two invoices from us once a year, one from YTK Unemployment Fund and the other from YTK Worklife. The fund’s membership fee is tax-deductible. Invoicing couldn’t be more transparent than this! If you want to make things even easier, order an e-invoice!

Nainen näppäilee kännykkää iloisena.

The membership fee is paid for one year at a time

YTK Unemployment Fund’s membership fee is tied to the membership period. In other words, in the year of starting or terminating your membership, you will only pay for the period that you have been a member. YTK Worklife membership fee is 105 € in 2024. As a member of an unemployment fund, you are entitled to daily allowance in the event of unemployment or temporary lay-off.

If you are a combined member of YTK, in addition to income security, you will have access to the working life services provided by YTK Worklife. YTK Worklife membership fee is for a fixed calendar year, regardless of the date you start or terminate your membership. YTK Worklife membership fee is 24 € in 2024.

Your membership begins on paying the membership fee

When you join, we will send you a membership fee invoice within about a week of joining. Pay the membership fee according to the invoice, and your membership will start from the date the membership application arrives.

If you are already a member, we will send you a membership fee invoice at the beginning of the year. When you pay the membership fee by the due date, your membership will remain valid without interruptions.

Your membership will only remain valid by paying the membership fee. When paying, always use the correct reference number so that your membership fee is matched correctly. Take this into account especially when you receive invoices from both the unemployment fund and working life services.

Make your life even easier and pay by e-invoice

Paying by e-invoice is the easiest and most convenient way of managing your membership fees. You can pay by e-invoice in two ways:

  1. Authorise e-invoicing in your online bank:
    a) Log in to your online bank.
    b) Follow the instructions in your online bank to order an e-invoice.
    c) If you need an invoice reference number, you can find the reference number of the unemployment fund in OmaYTK and the reference number of working life services in OMA+ under Membership fees > Invoice information. 
  2. Accept a proposed e-invoice through the e-service:
    a) Log in to OmaYTK  (Unemployment Fund e-invoice) or OMA+ (e-invoice for working life services) and click Switch to e-invoice in the bar on the right.
    b) Select your bank from the list.
    c) Click Send e-invoice proposal.
    d) IMPORTANT: The proposal for an e-invoice will be sent to your online bank within 1–3 business days to wait for your approval. You must accept the proposal within 30 days or it will lapse and the order will not be successful. Proposals may not be shown in the mobile applications of some banks. However, you can approve the proposal through the browser version of your online bank.

If the membership fee is not paid

In order for your income security to remain valid without interruption, paying the membership fee is of paramount importance. If the membership fee is not paid, we will have to terminate your membership. In this case, your membership ends until when the membership fee was paid, i.e. usually until the end of the previous year. If you later rejoin an unemployment fund and there is a break of more than a month between memberships, you must start accruing membership and employment history from the beginning.

If earnings-related unemployment allowance has been paid to you during the current year, the membership fee must be paid at least until the daily allowance was paid. Otherwise the earnings-related unemployment allowances paid must be paid back.

Simply stopping paying your membership fee is not a good way to end your membership. If you intend to terminate your membership in YTK Unemployment Fund or YTK Worklife, do so by submitting a notice of termination.

If your membership in YTK Unemployment Fund ends, your possible membership in YTK Worklife and all insurance cover and services included in it will also end.