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Information about membership

Fund-only membership

Includes membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund, i.e. income security in case of unemployment.

Combined membership

Includes the income security of YTK Unemployment Fund and the working life services of YTK Worklife.

Student membership

Includes YTK Worklife working life services without the unemployment fund membership and income security.

YTK Unemployment Fund is an open fund. This means that you can join us no matter what your profession is, what field you work in or what your education is. The prerequisite is that you are under 68 years of age and working at the time of joining. More detailed information on eligibility can be found here.

You can become a member of YTK Worklife at the same time as you join the fund, or you can upgrade your fund membership to a combined membership at any time later.

Only by belonging to an unemployment fund can you receive earnings-related unemployment allowance based on your earnings when there is no work. If you are not a member of an unemployment fund, you can receive basic unemployment allowance paid by Kela, which is considerably less than earnings-related daily allowance. You can receive earnings-related unemployment allowance if you become unemployed or temporarily laid off, work part-time or work as a part-time entrepreneur. The unemployment fund also provides job alternation compensation for job alternation leave and mobility allowance if the new job is far from home.

All unemployment funds pay the same daily allowance in accordance with the same laws.

Use the daily allowance calculator to test how much earnings-related daily allowance you would receive!

YTK fund membership only includes membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund, i.e. income security in case of unemployment. In addition to membership of an unemployment fund, combined membership also includes membership of YTK Worklife, through which you get useful services and savings for working life and leisure.

A YTK fund membership costs 105 € in 2024. If you join in the middle of the year, you only pay for the rest of the year.

The price of the combined membership in YTK is 129 € in 2024. As a combined member, you will receive two separate membership fee invoices: one from YTK Unemployment Fund and the other from YTK Worklife.

YTK Worklife membership fee is 105 € in 2024. If you join in the middle of the year, you will only pay the remaining portion of the unemployment fund membership for the rest of the year.

YTK Worklife membership fee is 24 € in 2024. The membership fee for working life services is per calendar year, so it must be paid in combined regardless of what time of the year you join. You will receive membership fee invoices in a couple of weeks of joining.

Switching unemployment funds is easy. Join us and authorize us when you join to handle the switch from the previous fund. That’s it!

You can also submit a notice of termination to your previous fund yourself. First, make sure that your membership in YTK has started before sending the notice of termination. In this case, you ensure that your membership continues without interruption and that you retain the employment condition you collected in the previous fund. If there is a break of more than one month between memberships, the accumulation of the membership and employment condition must be started from the beginning.

Also inform your payroll clerk that the collection of membership fees from your previous unemployment fund can be stopped.

If you are already a member of the YTK Unemployment Fund, you can upgrade your membership to combined membership here.

YTK’s student membership includes all working life services provided by YTK Worklife, but not the membership of the unemployment fund. Student membership is intended for young people who are just entering working life and who are not yet working and therefore cannot yet join an unemployment fund. With the help of working life services, students receive the necessary tools to support their graduation and the skills to start working life.

You cannot join an unemployment fund during unemployment or temporary lay-off. If you work part-time or on a zero-hour contract, the joining day must be a working day.

If you are already a member of the fund and want to become a combined member, you can also become a member of YTK Worklife if you are unemployed.

Membership begins on the day we receive your application at the earliest; joining retroactively is not possible. To ensure your membership, you must pay the membership fee on time.

In order to receive earnings-related daily allowance, you must be a member of an unemployment fund at least 26 weeks before the start of unemployment or temporary lay-off.

Similarly, the premium employment advisory service included in the Legal Buddy service, which is accessible to combined members, as well as professional liability and legal expenses insurance, require a combined membership of at least 6 months before the start of the sequence of events under investigation or the occurrence of an insurance event.

Membership in an unemployment fund offers invaluable support in the ups and downs of your professional life. There may be times in your life when you consider giving up your membership. Fortunately, in most situations, terminating your membership is not necessary nor advisable. Click here to find out what to do with your membership in different situations and, if necessary, submit a notice of resignation.

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