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Working at YTK

YTK is an open and empathetic working community where we value, trust and encourage. Our work culture is about helping a friend and getting help, regardless of job or position. We allow everyone to be creative and have a laugh.

There are about 220 of us in total. We take care of our members’ unemployment insurance and job security. We want to offer our members the best service and a wide range of benefits for a happier working life.

Everyone at YTK has the opportunity for development and a long career path. Strong and high quality internal training is our flagship. We actively train and educate.

We work with a good vibe and value face-to-face encounters with colleagues. Our offices are in Loimaa and Turku, but we have the possibility to work extensively remotely.

Mies ja nainen palaverissa.

According to a staff survey conducted in autumn 2023, we at ytk particularly value our meaningful jobs, work-life balance and the freedom to work wherever and whenever we want.

What’s the best thing about working at YTK? Here’s how our employees answer:

  • Rento ja avoin fiilis, mukaan on helppo päästä. Työkavereita voi lähestyä matalalla kynnyksellä ja kaikki ovat asian(sa) asiantuntijoita.
  • Kaikki kivenkovia ammattilaisia, joilla on palo ja halu kehittää itseään. Vaikka asioihin suhtaudutaan vakavasti, harva on tosikko. Huumorintajua riittää pitkälle ja lyhyelle.
  • Ystävällisyys, avuliaisuus, huumorintaju.
  • Rentoja, hyväntuulisia tyyppejä, joiden kanssa vaan synkkaa hyvin!
  • Ammattitaito ja lämminhenkisyys.
  • Yhteen hiileen puhaltaminen ja toisten auttaminen. Kaveria ei jätetä! <3
  • Rentous, lempeys ja rempseys 🙂
  • Yhteishenki ja luottamus.

A large part of us work directly with customers

Our service specialists make sure things are resolved quickly and correctly: they handle benefit processing, advice, member services, recovery and appeals. Some act as liaison experts, helping not only clients but also colleagues at the YTK.

The team leaders work to support our service activities and enable us to succeed.

YTK:n työntekijä työpisteellään.

The whole house is supported by in-house experts in areas such as finance, legal, development, ICT, communications and marketing, and human resources.

We are actively developing our activities. In fact, we are constantly working on many projects where we need a wide range of expertise in different areas of work.

YTK:n työntekijöitä post-it-lappujen edessä.

Interested in working at YTK?

We don’t have any vacancies right now, but you can submit an open application!
In your application, tell us why you want to work for us and what skills you bring to the table.

Keppijumppaa toimistolla.
Palapelin rakentamista tauolla.

A few facts about us at YTK:

  • We have a mother and daughter at work, a husband and wife, several best friends and a mother and her child’s godmother.
  • The YTK is a fun place to be – we even have people who have worked at the YTK for 30 years!
  • Almost three out of four people own a cat or dog. Other pets include a guinea pig, a gerbil, a leopard gecko, a stuffed toy and a dust dog.
  • In the office, in addition to work, we play puzzles, wear woollen socks, have massages, do stick exercises and have coffee together.
  • Almost two thirds quench their sweet tooth with chocolate. Many people also like salmiakki.

These are specific skills we have:

  • I can move my ears so that my face doesn’t move otherwise
  • Poetry, especially for old songs I can easily find new lyrics
  • Wooden leg jokes
  • Beautiful handwriting
  • Knowing the countries and capitals of the world
  • I can make my tongue touch my nose
  • Avoiding chores
  • Singing high and loud