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YTK for students

Always more prepared for the working world!

A YTK student membership will help you make the transition to the world of work. Become a member and get access to all the services of working life!

How about leisure accident insurance or access to a lawyer if you have any questions about work? Or maybe you need tips for finding employment, need virus protection for your laptop or are dreaming of an affordable weekend vacation or yoga class? These and numerous other YTK working life services will be useful to you already during your studies when you are taking steps towards working life, so what are you still thinking about?! Join now!

BTW, remember that YTK Worklife’s student membership does not include membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund. If you are working, make sure you find out more about YTK’s fund-only or combined membership!

Student membership only 1 € a month!

With a student membership, you get access to all working life services for just 12 € a year, or just 1 € a month!


If you have joined as a student member before 2024, your membership will continue without annual fee.

Student membership is for students who are just entering the world of work, i.e. new members. You cannot convert a combined or fund membership of the YTK into a student membership without losing your unemployment fund membership.

Read all the student membership policies

kaksi opiskelijaa kalansilmälinssillä kuvattuna

Student membership and the unemployment fund

As a student member, you are not covered by the unemployment fund. If you are starting a summer job or working while studying, join the YTK Unemployment Fund by choosing either a fund membership or a combined membership. You can join the unemployment fund when you are employed.

Work already done alongside your studies, for example summer work, contributes to the “working condition” and thus to your right to receive a higher earnings-related allowance than the basic Kela daily allowance after graduation.

You can use the daily allowance calculator to test how much the daily allowance is for Kela members with different incomes!

Benefits for students

Please note! Earnings-related benefits are not included in the student membership.