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Jobsearch coaching

Prepare for a job interview or write a better CV and job application with the help of a professional! Job search coaching gives you personalised guidance on job search and career planning online. The coaching is completely free of charge for combined and student members.

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Would you like practical tools and personal career coaching to help you make your job search easier and more productive? Do you need clear guidance on how to move forward, a basis for documents and individual help from a professional coach?

Looking for a job is often hard work, but it is also a natural part of a career in a changing world. Job search skills and identifying your own competences are an important part of your life skills and should be regularly updated.

Take advantage of free coaching tailored for combined members of the YTK

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Coaching in a nutshell:

  • get up-to-date and practical job search tools
  • create an account in your own study space where you can track your progress
  • study for a month at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want
  • receive 1 hour of one-to-one coaching with a career counsellor.
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Content of the coaching

Find out more about the content of the coaching below. Once you have started, you are free to progress in your own learning environment, at your own pace and in the order you want.

Take advantage of personal guidance, materials and feedback!

Your coach will give you feedback on all the materials you produce during the coaching, such as application texts and video presentations. Video presentations are optional but highly recommended. You can save and print out your completed job search plan, mapping results and documents from the coaching and you will receive a certificate of your participation.

Welcome to clarify your career plans, goals and motivational factors! In this section; Instructions, You Are Here Meter, Baseline Questionnaire, Goals and Motivation Videos, Member Stories.

“Plan what you’re doing and do what you’re planning!” Let’s start with a job-seeking plan. The plan will be completed as you progress through the training. In this section: Getting moving in job search, What fields have jobs, Payroll information, Employment issues in a nutshell.

Let’s deepen the job search plan! In this section: What different routes can you search for jobs, job search and employers online, job search on social media, human resources services and hiring, and headhunting.

Chart your skills broadly! In this section: Mapping Your Skills, Self-Knowledge in Job Seeking, Knowledge Mapping, Stories and More Information, Work Community Competence.

Let’s get the job search tools in order! In this section: The most effective and appropriate CV, various CV templates and types, Job application and marketing text (open application), Portfolio, video presentation and other tools.

Tips for a good interview and video presentation! In this section: Successful job interview, Interview content and progress, Practice job interview and video interview with the instructor.

Communication and interaction skills are useful in different job search channels and situations. In this section: Work Life Communication, Performing and Excitement, Instructions for Writing.

Keep up with the development! In this section: Lightened application process, Importance of Expert Pools, Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment.

Searching for a job is hard work in many ways and takes a long time. Cherish Your Powers! In this section: Resources and Attitude, Clean for Job Search, Health, Resilience, Equality, Anonymous Job Search.

Are you considering new options in your career? Take time for it! Career planning is about deciding what you want to achieve in your career. In this section: Career Planning Skills, Routes, Decision Making, Career Selection, Interest Mapping, Am I an Entrepreneur?

Time to finalize your job search plan! In this section: Goals, plan, schedule and progress, Materials recovered, Feedback, You are here metric.

Recommended by members: the average feedback is 4.4/5 for the coaching and 4.7/5 for coaches!

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