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Want a lawyer to help you after all?

You can always change your mind and that’s why you can easily upgrade your membership at YTK and gain combined access to all our useful services! If you are a member of YTK Unemployment Fund, you can upgrade your membership at any time. Then you immediately have the access to our legal services, be covered by leisure time accident insurance, and much more! Some services require at least six months of membership so wait no more and join today!

Käsi valitsemassa erilaisista kakkupaloista mieluista.

Combined members enjoy easier working life

When you choose combined membership for an annual fee of 24 euros, you will gain access to legal services, leisure time accident insurance, professional liability insurance, job search support and tools for competence development, as well as tons of savings for free time!

Combined membership 2024

129 €

Incl. YTK Unemployment Fund 105 € ja YTK Worklife 24 €

Fund services YTK Unemployment Fund

  • Income security  if you are unemployed, temporarily laid off, in part-time work, or part-time self-employed.
  • Job alternation compensation for job alternation leave
  • Mobility allowance when the new job is far from home

Work life services YTK Worklife

  • Legal Buddy for employment problems
  • Leisure time accident insurance and professional legal expenses and liability insurance
  • A library of thousands of online courses for continual professional development
  • Support and tools for job search
  • A wide range of discounts from hotels to sports benefits and data security

Many good reasons to become a combined member

With YTK’s fund-only membership, you get income security. By choosing combined membership, you get comprehensive working life services on top of your income security!

Legal Buddy for issues at work

In working life, you may encounter difficult situations. Whether it’s the terms of your employment contract, unpaid wages or ambiguities around the end of your employment relationship, Legal Buddycan help!

Comprehensive insurance to cover you

With the combined membership of the YTK, you’ll be covered for both leisure and work-related disputes.

Tools for self-development

Combined members of the YTK have access to a “financially great advantage” – “I had not expected such a high quality and comprehensive range of courses”. See for yourself what they’re talking about and take advantage of the online training library for working life! You’ll find a huge selection of training recordings and real-time distance learning courses on a wide range of skills needed in the workplace, from digital skills to management.

Leisure time benefits and discounts

Our range of benefits includes a wide variety of leisure activities, from promoting your well-being to ensuring the security of your digital devices.

Frequently asked questions about membership

YTK fund membership only includes membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund, i.e. income security in case of unemployment. In addition to membership of an unemployment fund, combined membership also includes membership of YTK Worklife, through which you get useful services and savings for working life and leisure.

The annual membership fee consists of the membership fees of YTK Unemployment Fund and YTK Worklife. In 2024, the membership fee of YTK Unemployment Fund is 105 € and YTK Worklife membership fee 24 €. The membership fee for YTK Worklife is per calendar year, so it is the same regardless of when you join.

As a member of YTK Unemployment Fund, you can also acquire membership in YTK Worklife by filling in the membership application either here or through OmaYTK.