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Switching unemployment funds

It’s easy! When you join YTK, you can also authorize us to terminate your membership in the previous fund. The membership and employment history you have already accrued will be transferred with you.

Iloinen mies työhaalareissa

When you join a new employee fund as soon as you leave the previous employee fund, the working and membership time you have accumulated will be transferred with you to the new fund. During the switch you will be protected during a one-month transition period. If the transition period is exceeded, you will join the new fund as a new member, in which case the accumulation of employment history starts all over again.

When you join us from another unemployment fund, follow these steps:

  1. Choose YTK fund-only or combined membership and fill in the online membership application.
  2. When you receive an email notification from us approving your membership, send the notice of resignation to the previous unemployment fund.
  3. With the membership application, you can also authorise YTK Unemployment Fund to take care of the switch from the previous fund on your behalf. In this case, you do not have to worry about the notice of termination.
  4. If you have already terminate your membership with the previous unemployment fund, remember to join us within one month of the termination, so that you don’t lose the employment history you accrued in the previous fund and you can transfer it to YTK Unemployment Fund.
  5. Also inform your payroll clerk that the collection of membership fees from your previous unemployment fund can be stopped.

YTK Unemployment Fund

Finland’s largest unemployment fund is intended for people working in all fields!

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