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Professional liability insurance

As a combined YTK member, you will have liability insurance covering damages arising through your profession, position, or post. You can use the insurance if you have been a combined member for at least six months when an insured event occurs.

Mies hoitajan vaatteissa.

Since 1.1.2022, YTK’s combined members have enjoyed coverage with LocalTapiola’s liability insurance.

In brief

The insurance covers personal injury or property damage that you cause to another party where the following conditions apply:

  • You are liable for damages under the applicable law and
  • the damage you caused was found to have occurred during the insurance period..

Note that when you work for someone else, your employer is always primarily liable for damages towards the injured party. In such a case, the insurance only covers the amount you are obliged to pay your employer in compensation.

If an insured incident of loss or damage is brought to court, the insurance will also cover your lawyer’s fees and legal expenses.

The insurance does not cover the following:

  • Economic loss unrelated to the personal injury or property damage
  • Loss or damage for which you are liable as an employer
  • Damage to property that is in your possession, that you have borrowed, or that is otherwise available for you to use, store or otherwise handle or look after
  • Damage for which you are liable solely on the basis of an agreement or other commitment

Sums insured and deductible

The maximum compensation payable under a liability claim is 85,000 euros. Your deductible is 400 euros.

The foregoing is not an exhaustive description of the content of the liability insurance. The insurance terms and conditions describe the exact content of the insurance.

What to do

  1. Go to the OMA+ service and check you have paid your YTK Worklife membership fee.
  2. Send a free-form insurance claim by email to [email protected]

    Include the policyholder’s contact details in the claim:

    Name: YTK Työelämä ry.
    Business ID: 2010274-1
    Email address: [email protected]
    ​​​​​​Phone number: +358 2 760 7630

Please also state the following in your insurance claim:

After receiving an insurance claim, LocalTapiola requests any additional information it needs to determine whether the claim can be paid. When all the necessary information is available, LocalTapiola will issue a claim decision. A claim decision will also be issued to the injured party.

LocalTapiola’s advice to members in the event of a liability claim:

Claims advice:
phone 09-453 4150
email [email protected]

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