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Puhti health exam

With a single blood sample, a Puhti health check reveals the figures behind your health and coping capacity. As a combined member, you will receive a 15% discount on all test packages.

Pyöräilijä tutkii ranteessaan olevaa urheilukelloa.

Many factors affect how we cope in our everyday lives, at work and in sport. For example, vitamin levels and iron stores can affect how well you feel. A clean health check is a good way to find out about your health and wellbeing in a single measurement.

Puhti is a service that allows you to order laboratory tests without a doctor’s referral. The Puhti Health Check includes 30 measures: complete blood count, cholesterol, blood sugar, vitamin D, ferritin, inflammatory status and tests reflecting thyroid, liver and kidney function. Other comprehensive examination packages are also available.

Get 15% discount on all test packages

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to OMA+ and see the discount code.
  2. Place your order on the Puhti website before going to the test.
    Add the test kit of your choice to your shopping cart, enter the pre-code in the “Add voucher or code” section and proceed to order.

Puhti briefly:

Where to get more energy?

Everyone can be tired sometimes, and occasional tiredness is nothing to worry about. Our state of alertness does not stay the same all the time. Long-term fatigue, on the other hand, needs to be addressed and often requires a change in routine or lifestyle. This means that both physical and mental stress factors, some of which are within our control, have an impact on our ability to cope with everyday life and work. Continue reading.

Puhti offers the best service for measuring and developing your wellbeing. Puhti, officially called Puhti Lab Oy, is part of Mehiläinen. The founders’ idea is to promote the well-being of Finns and to provide an easy way to monitor their own health. Puhti works closely with customers and expert partners. Several experienced doctors have been involved in the design of the service and test packages. The tests are ordered online and samples are taken in Mehiläinen laboratories in 50 different locations around Finland. The tests are also analysed in Finland.

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