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Mobility allowance

Found work further away? Great! You can apply for a mobility grant. Your finances will not suffer from the longer commute.

The mobility allowance is intended to support you when, after unemployment, you take up a job that involves a long commute or requires you to move. You can also get a mobility allowance for work-related training.

The maximum amount of the mobility allowance is at most around 800 € per month and you can receive it for 1-2 months.

You can apply for a mobility allowance from the YTK Unemployment Fund.

When can you apply for mobility allowance?

You are eligible for a mobility allowance if you are entitled to unemployment benefit and you take up a job or related training course lasting at least 2 months and the average daily commuting time is more than 3 hours. For part-time work and related training, the average commuting time must be more than 2 hours.

For more information on the mobility allowance, see the website of the YTK Unemployment Fund.