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Trainings to support your well-being

Would you like to sleep better? Do you need to relax and recuperate? You will find a wide range of exercises in the online training library for working life, which is included in the member benefits.

Pyöräilijä mäen päällä.

Our online training library for working life, free of charge to our members, offers a wide range of exercises for anyone looking for tools to strengthen their mental well-being.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the online training library, start by registering via OMA+!

How to access the online training library

For example, you can find these training packages:

Aivobic workouts – Keep your head together in the midst of chaos

How can you keep your head together and stay focused and relaxed so that you avoid dwelling on the past, dreading the future and distracted by environmental disturbances? Take a break from your daily routine and engage in a light brain workout to rhythmic music! Aivobics is a pleasant activity to do with your eyes closed, sinking into an armchair or lying comfortably on the carpet. You’ll learn practical methods to combat everyday stress and distraction.

Learn to appreciate your sleep

What is sleep and why is it a vital resource for people? In this training, sleep doctor and non-fiction writer Henri Tuomilehto explains the importance of sleep for people. You will learn how to identify sleep deprivation and how to learn how to improve your sleep.

Relaxation exercises

In this section, you will learn about relaxation exercises you can do at work to relieve stress.

Psychological flexibility

We can all identify situations where we get stuck in one thought or feeling, whether it is unpleasant or pleasant. Mental flexibility allows us to observe and even intervene in our own thoughts and feelings. In this coaching pathway, we will go through the most relevant issues for improving our mental well-being.

Emotional skills for well-being

What are emotional skills and what is their importance in working life? How do emotions manifest themselves in everyday life and how can we learn to develop them? The development of emotional skills strengthens both individual and workplace well-being, improves productivity and creativity and, by strengthening social skills, helps us to cope with different situations. The content is useful from the perspective of strengthening anyone’s life management skills and well-being and is not limited to the work context.

Mental well-being in the workplace

The long-term stresses and strains of work are a challenge to each and every one of us. This training dives into work fatigue and mental health challenges in the workplace. We will go through the signs of work fatigue, treatment and the steps to planning for returning to work. We will also explore the challenges of mental well-being, depression, anxiety, alcohol problems and occupational health negotiation in the workplace context.

Better recovery

Are you recovering properly from your working days? Do you still feel tired when you wake up? This coaching session, put together by Aava Virra professionals, will give you tips for better recovery and sleep! The coaching is suitable for anyone interested in improving their sleep and recovery. It is also suitable for people struggling with stress and pre-fatigue, as well as active people who need better recovery.

Practical ways to strengthen well-being at work

This training package takes a practical approach to the areas of well-being at work. Once you have looked at the whole, you will be able to outline the broader picture of well-being at work and the factors that influence it. You will learn how you can have a concrete impact on your own well-being at work.

Work-Life balance

The term Work-Life Balance is getting more common and we are talking more and more about how we as employees can balance our work life and personal life in a good and healthy way. What does the science say about this? What conditions is necessary and is it even possible to achieve it? How can we review our own balance between our personal and working life? Here you will get a basic overview of the phenomena.

Stress management

The purpose of this course is to give you an insight into the psychology and physiology in stress reactions so that you can develop really effective tactics and skills in handling challenging situations in your daily life and at work. The content is applicable for anyone regardsless of life situation or work position. 

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