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You deserve a happier working life

The YTK’s mission is to make your working life happier. That’s why we offer everyone security in the twists and turns of working life.

We believe that when people are happier, working life is better. We also believe that everyone can choose what is best for them. We offer services and security to help people overcome obstacles and move forward. You choose the package that’s right for you.

As a combined member of the YTK, you have income protection in case of unemployment and a wide range of other employment services:

YTK Worklife is everyone’s toolbox

YTK Worklife is the largest association in Finland, helping its more than 250 000 members by inspiring, guiding and enabling them through the turning points of working life. Founded in 2005, the association was created because the members of the YTK Unemployment Fund wanted extra security and decided to take out legal expenses insurance together. The same service is still available to every combined member of the YTK. To become a member of YTK Worklife, you must be a member of the YTK Unemployment Fund.

Throughout our existence, legal protection has played an important role in serving our members. In addition to the professional legal expenses insurance, YTK Worklife offers its members the Legal Buddy package: a low-threshold call centre, a premium service based on a mandate and extensive content of employment information and videos available to all.

Working life also requires the ability to develop and sometimes to seek new employment. We also provide concrete help in these areas, regardless of the sector. We offer job search coaching and individually tailored, multi-faceted help with finding a job.

We offer a complete online training library free of charge to our members. You’ll find hundreds of concrete and useful training courses and a wide range of live tutorials.

To succeed in the world of work, you need to have a holistic sense of well-being, so we want you to take care of yourself from time to time. That’s why we also offer leisure benefits such as hotel deals and sports services. For everyday savings, we offer discounts on things like IT security and legal services.

The YTK Worklife’s head office is located in Loimaa at the same address as the YTK Unemployment Fund. Our organisation employs around 20 professionals in different fields.