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Leisure time accident insurance

Leisure time accident insurance covers combined members through life’s bumps and scrapes. The insurance is valid anywhere in the world.

Mies hymyilee käsi kantositeessä.

Did you step into a hole while jogging and twist your ankle?
Do you fall off your bike and hit your head on the asphalt?
While chopping wood for your sauna stove, did the axe slip and hurt your leg?
Did you fall off a stool while peering into the back of a kitchen cupboard?

Don’t worry! Luckily, you are a combined YTK member, so you have insurance for leisure-time accidents.

The leisure-time accident insurance for combined members is valid anywhere in the world. The insurance covers combined YTK members who are permanently resident in Finland and have paid their membership fees. The insurance also covers YTK’s student members.

Since 2022, the leisure-time accident insurance policy has been Group Accident Insurance from LocalTapiola.

What does the leisure-time accident insurance cover?

The insurance does not cover you​​​​​​​​​​​​ if a traffic accident occurs, while you are in paid employment, or in competitive sports or training for competitive sports. ‘Competitive sports’ refers to competitions or matches organised by a sports federation or sports club, training as part of a coaching programme, and other types of training specific to the sport, irrespective of the level of competitive sport or the insured’s age. Leagues for amateurs and senior citizens arranged by a sports federation or sports club are not considered competitive sports.

Please note that if you travel, you should take out separate travel insurance covering trip cancellation and illnesses while travelling. Accident insurance only covers the expenses incurred due to an accident.

The insurance terms and conditions describe the content of the insurance in more detail

In the event of an accident

  1. Go to the OMA+ service and check you have paid your membership fee. Seek treatment at your chosen facility or the treatment necessary for the injury. Then, submit an insurance claim to LocalTapiola.
  2. LocalTapiola’s biggest partners (including Mehiläinen, Suomen Terveystalo and Pihlajalinna) can invoice for the first visit and any examinations and minor procedures, such as imaging, prescribed for the same accident. LocalTapiola’s claims department will determine whether compensation can be paid.
  3. If you seek treatment at a facility that is not a LocalTapiola partner, you must first pay the bill yourself and then apply for reimbursement of the costs on your insurance claim or report the costs afterwards.
  4. If you need a payment commitment for a more expensive examination or treatment, the medical facility will request a payment commitment from LocalTapiola for the treatment or examination you need. 

Reporting an injury and claiming compensation after treatment

Go to the OMA+ service and check you have paid your membership fee.​​​​ The insurance company will check whether your combined membership is valid when processing your claim. Report the injury to the insurance company:

  1. Make an insurance claim using LocalTapiola’s online service. Select “Private accident or remote work insurance”.
  2. Enter your personal details and detailed information about the insured event in the insurance claim.
  3. The policy number of the leisure-time accident insurance taken out by YTK Worklife for its members is 353-4908380-K. The insurance company will check whether your combined membership is valid.
  4. You do not need to attach any documentation to the insurance claim. Save all documents related to the injury for one year. The insurance company will contact you if it needs any documentation related to the injury.
  5. You can report any expenses you have paid yourself on the expense report form. You will need the claim number and your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate to report your expenses. You will receive the claim number by text message when LocalTapiola opens your claim. Read the instructions for completing the expense form.

Further information

For claims advice or more detailed information on the contents of the insurance, please contact our claims service:

E-mail  [email protected]

Phone 09 453 3222 (Mon-Fri 9-15). 
You can also submit a contact request to the call centre 8-16.

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