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As a YTK member

Over half a million Finnish wage and salary earners have chosen the YTK Unemployment Fund for their income security. Three out of four also choose YTK Work Life services to safeguard their working lives. As a member, you will be safe no matter what surprises come your way in working life.

Nainen fiilistelee hyväntuulisena kuulokkeet korvilla.

We believe in openness and freedom of choice

YTK is open to wage and salary earners in every sector. With us, you are free to choose the membership that suits you: as a member of the fund, you will receive financial security in case of unemployment, while as a combined member, you will receive comprehensive services for working life in addition to income security. If you are still a student and just starting out in working life, you can join as a student member for a lower fee and still enjoy all the working life services. You can only join the unemployment fund if you are currently employed.

What we heard from our members😍

The lawyer who handled my case was extremely helpful, caring and professional. I felt very good about the service and I was very happy with it.


Very very good work that YTK lawyers are doing.


Only the best for our members

We have developed our services for more than 30 years to offer the best for our members. We enquire about and track your satisfaction and make the changes our members want to see. In income security, you will receive fair treatment and respectful advice. We develop our working life services according to your wishes with a close eye on the constant changes in working life.

Monta erilaista kakkupalaa, joista käsi valitsemassa yhtä.
Käsi valitsemassa erilaisia pöydällä olevia esineitä ja työkaluja, kuten vasara, mittanauha, lankarulla, vispilä.

The ABC of membership

Who can join? How can I change from one unemployment fund to another? What is the membership requirement? Read answers to all membership questions here.

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