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Build the career you want as a combined YTK member

Join YTK for the best security through working life. You can build the career you want without worrying about the bumps in the road. Your daily allowance will be secure if you have no work. In addition, you will always have the Legal Buddy legal service in your pocket, as well as useful insurance policies, hundreds of inspiring training courses, and personal support as you explore a new path. Make the most of working life with YTK!


(Working) life can be full of surprises, but YTK is always here to help

You will have income security if you have no work

As a member of an unemployment fund, your income will be secure if you are unemployed, laid off, in part-time work, or part-time self-employed. We will also pay an alternation allowance if you go on job alternation leave and a mobility grant if you take on a new job far from home.

Legal Buddy legal service at your help in tricky situations

Sometimes in working life, there can be difficult situations in which you need the help of a lawyer. Perhaps you are scratching your head about the terms of your employment contract, chasing up unpaid wages, or looking for clarity at the end of an employment relationship. In these situations and many more, the Legal Buddy legal service is here to help.

Compensation for accidents or employment disputes

As a combined YTK member, you can apply for compensation if you have an accident in your free time or need to bring a dispute about your employment to court. Remember to read the terms and conditions of insurance claims carefully!

Increase your capital in the most important area

Many of our members have been positively surprised with the online training library for working life. “I had no idea there was such a comprehensive, high-quality range of courses,” said one. You will gain access to a library of over 1,000 important training courses with continuous updates. The service includes training recordings made by the best professionals and real-time remote training on many skills required in working life, from digital competences to self-direction and managing others, office software to payroll.

Benefits for your wallet and the whole family

Would you like to spend less on your holidays, look after your family’s cyber security, or perhaps take up mindfulness? Look through all our benefits and decide how you would make the most of a combined YTK membership!

Become a member!