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Lakiruutu: help with employment relationships

Are you wondering about salary issues, practices in the trial period, or perhaps the accrual of annual holidays? Our Lakiruutu webinars provide information and practical advice on these things and many more. All the videos are in Finnish and are available to our combined members.

Lakiruutu is our webinar and video series where we help our members with legal dilemmas at work. In the videos, a lawyer provides legal advice and guidance on the most common employment challenges our members face. The videos can be viewed in the Webinars and Training section of the OMA+ service for combined members. Note that the videos are only in Finnish.

Also check out the Lakiruutu-webinar on Wage Security, which is open to all! What to do when your employer fails to pay your wages and goes bankrupt? What about other employer insolvency situations?

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