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Diverse security and joy in your working life

This year, the YTK’s income security and versatile working life services will cost just 129 €. The Unemployment Fund’s membership fee is 105 € and the YTK Worklife fee 24 €. Both will send you a separate invoice early in the year – you may already have received them.

In addition to income security, we want to offer you the best services and benefits to support your working life and enjoy your leisure time. Some of the most popular work-related services include Legal Buddy, insurance and hotel discounts. But as a combined member of the YTK, you get much more!

In this letter, we’ll be presenting our range of benefits, so take a look and start enjoying them today!

See your salary in the table and compare: it pays to be a member of a fund, especially the YTK

The math is flawless, income security still pays. The average monthly salary for a Finnish woman is around 3,400 € and for a man 4,100 €. If you are now unemployed on such a salary, the woman would receive earnings-related daily allowance of around 1,900 € and the man around 2,100 € before tax. If she has not joined the fund but has been working and is therefore entitled to Kela’s basic daily allowance, they would each receive around 800 € a month, well over 1,000 € less. Every month.

A Legal Buddy to help you with your employment problems

If you are facing a difficult situation in your employment relationship, or if you are wondering about pay, for example, get in touch with the Legal Buddy! Almost 60 lawyers from all over Finland are at your service in employment matters. You can get general advice from a lawyer right from the start of your membership and the Premium service is available to you when you have been a combined member of the YTK for at least 6 months.

Last year, more than 16 000 of our members received help from Legal Buddy. Up to 9/10 of users would recommend it to others!

Insurance for work and leisure

When things happen at work or in your free time, you’re covered by comprehensive insurance. You’ll have access to professional liability insurance and professional legal expenses insurance, as well as accident insurance for leisure, valid anywhere in the world.

Job search coaching and new skills

Are you looking for a job or want to strengthen your professional skills? We offer you tools for job search, career changes and skills development. For example, get personalised job search coaching and thousands of online training courses from digital skills to leadership – completely free!

Exercise and well-being

Get stronger, refreshed or free from stress!

As a combined member you get:

Hotel and spa discounts

We offer you a wide range of discounts at hotels and spas all over Finland. Are you travelling to the hustle and bustle of the city or to nature?

Protection for your home and devices

As a combined member, you get Sector Alarm’s comprehensive alarm system installed free of charge, plus discounts on a range of accessories. We also offer you F-Secure security at a member price.

See all your membership benefits


We offer students even better services!

Are there students in your circle? Tell them about the YTK Worklife Student Membership, which helps every young person make the transition to working life!

The student membership does not include the YTK Unemployment Insurance Fund, but students have access to all the services and benefits offered by YTK Worklife. During the spring, student services will also be extended to include the Graduate and Apprenticeship pathways. So get the word out – membership costs just 12 €/year for student members joining after 1.1.2024, or 1 € per month!