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Home Padel and e-scooters stand out in insurance claim statistics – Combined members of YTK enjoy comprehensive leisure time accident insurance

Padel and e-scooters stand out in insurance claim statistics – Combined members of YTK enjoy comprehensive leisure time accident insurance


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Accidents occur especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the knees are particularly prone to injuries, according to LocalTapiola’s statistics. Fortunately, YTK Worklife’s leisure time insurance covers both treatment costs and disability compensations.

The knees are a particularly accident-prone body part, according to statistics by insurance company LocalTapiola. Around one in three (28%) accidents treated in early 2023 were injuries of the knee area. The next most commonly injured body parts are the ankles and shoulders. 
“Accidents frequently occur while playing sports and moving around, but also in everyday activities: falling off stairs, slipping or bumping into something,” says Marianne Noori, Service Manager at LocalTapiola.  
What is somewhat surprising, however, is the fact that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most accident-prone days of the week and fewer accidents take place on weekends compared to weekdays.   
“There is likely no single reason for this. Still, statistics show that accidents can happen at any time in everyday life,” Noori says.  
That’s why it’s a good idea to become a combined member of YTK and enjoy the comprehensive accident insurance sooner rather than later – you never know where and when something might happen. 

Insurance also covers travel expenses required for treatment

Accidents also follow the times, so insurance companies stay on top of trends. In recent years, for example, padel and e-scooter accidents have featured prominently in insurance claims.  

The most commonly covered expenses are examination and treatment costs, doctor’s fees and surgeries. Physiotherapy costs are the fourth largest type of reimbursed expense.  
All of these are covered by the accident insurance taken out for combined members of YTK. 
“Accidents are situations where there is an external, sudden and unexpected cause for the injury,” Noori explains. 

In practice, this means that, for example, the treatment costs of a fracture or strain injury caused by an accident can be reimbursed by the insurance. However, an underlying injury or illness may affect the insurance coverage. Damage to property is also not covered by the insurance. 
“Injuries are always processed on a case-by-case basis. Leisure accident insurance for combined members of YTK covers examination and treatment costs of accidental injuries quite extensively. Travel expenses for examinations and treatments are also reimbursed. If necessary, treatment costs can be reimbursed up to 8,000 euros without a deductible,” Noori says.  
Members can also apply for compensation in the unfortunate event that the injury results in a permanent disability. 

“If the person has several overlapping accident insurances, unlike with treatment costs, it is possible to apply for disability compensation from several insurance policies,” Noori points out. 

File a claim whenever something happens

If you are injured in an accident, you should always report it to your insurance company even if you do not feel that you need treatment and think that the injury will heal on its own.  
“It’s always a good idea to file an insurance claim. If the injury does not heal immediately, it helps a lot that the claim has been filed right after the accident,” Noori says.  
When seeking treatment, combined members of YTK should turn to LocalTapiola’s partners and report the injury to LocalTapiola.  

“You need to file the claim to us yourself. I recommend submitting the claim online, but you can also do it over the phone. We will start processing the matter as soon as possible after receiving the injury report,” Noori says. Cases requiring urgent treatment are given priority to ensure that treatment is not delayed. 

All combined members of YTK are covered by LocalTapiola’s accident insurance as part of the YTK Worklife membership fee (24 euros per year). 

“YTK Worklife’s accident insurance provides good cover against accidents that occur during leisure time. It is an excellent complement to other useful benefits afforded by membership in the association,” Noori says.