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Home YTK Unemployment Fund starts building employment services – we want to make a difference for our members

YTK Unemployment Fund starts building employment services – we want to make a difference for our members


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The Finnish Parliament has approved an amendment to the Unemployment Fund Act that will allow unemployment funds to help their members find work. The YTK Unemployment Fund has actively promoted the change and promises to start building new services immediately.

We have been hoping and pushing for the change in the law for a long time and we are going to toast the outcome. Our members have supported the idea and we hope that we will soon be more of a guide for them in the twists and turns of working life.

The YTK Unemployment Fund wants to continue to help its members in a simple and humane way. After all, finding a job is currently very cumbersome. Applications have to be made in many different directions, in different systems, and you have to constantly reflect on your own skills and look for new places. We want to make our services so simple that the job search happens as if by itself.

There are already a large number of employment services, so building effective services is not easy. But I believe that our more than 520,000 members have an important role to play, for example in addressing the skills gap or in shortening unemployment periods. We can play an important role in influencing the labor market.

The YTK Unemployment Fund has already done some planning and piloting, but the change in the law makes it possible to actually put all this into practice. This is a big change for both our members and our staff. In the future, our members, both employed and unemployed, will receive more services from us and we will develop the skills of our staff. These are both significant and inspiring opportunities.

YTK Unemployment Fund is already planning to offer its members pilot projects in employment services in August. Read more!

Auli Hänninen

Auli Hänninen


YTK:n toimitusjohtajana Auli Hänninen haluaa yksinkertaistaa ja tehostaa suomalaista työttömyysturvaa. Kirjoituksissaan Hänninen hahmottelee rohkeasti työttömyysturvan kehityksen mahdollisuuksia ja tarjoaa asiantuntemustaan ja näkemyksiään päättäjien käytettäväksi. Hänninen oli Perheyritysten liiton toimitusjohtajana vuosina 2017-2021. Aulin visiolla ja päättäväisyydellä rakensimme nykyaikaisen YTK:n perustan, jonka päältä tänään kurkotamme uudelleen Aulin ohjauksessa kohti korkeuksia.