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Government programme brings changes to the rules of working life


  • Labour law

The new government programme may bring several changes to the rules of the game in working life, including labour legislation. For example, it will be easier to conclude fixed-term contracts and to dismiss employees. As a combined member of YTK, Lakikaveri is there to help you with your employment relationship. Remember that these are just plans and will only become law in the longer term!

The government programme includes such reforms:

  1. Fixed-term employment contracts of up to one year will no longer require a specific justification. At present, a fixed-term employment contract of a duration of less than one year will not require a specific legal justification, regardless of the length of the employment relationship. 
  2. The employer will no longer have to pay wages for the first day of sick leave, unless this is agreed in the employment contract or collective agreement. The first day of sickness absence therefore becomes a so-called “deductible day”. However, if the sick leave lasts five days or more, or if the incapacity for work is due to an accident at work or an occupational disease, the deductible day does not apply.
  3. In future, the employer will be able to dismiss a worker for “just cause”. At present, a “valid and serious” reason is required for dismissal and termination of an employment contract.
  4. The employer’s obligation to give notice of layoffs is reduced to seven days. It will be possible to comply with the registration regardless of the collective agreement.
  5. For companies and associations with less than 50 regular employees, the so-called “employee take-back obligation” will be abolished. The reform can be implemented irrespective of the collective agreement.
  6. The government programme also contains a number of entries aimed at promoting so-called local agreements, particularly between companies and employees.
  7. The right of workers to strike is, for example, limited to a maximum of one day for political demonstrations. In future, a worker found by the Labour Court to have taken part in an illegal strike could face a fine of up to 200 €.

When will the changes to the law come into force?

According to the government programme, the aim is to implement the changes to labour law as soon as possible. In any case, the reforms set out in the programme will require careful legislative drafting and it is not certain that all the provisions will be implemented as they stand. Once in force, the legislative changes will be applied in accordance with rules to be specified later.

The Lakikaveri offers help with questions and complexities of your employment relationship

As a combined member of YTK, the Lakikaveri is there to help you with your employment issues. You can call our low-threshold employment law helpline and, if necessary, a lawyer can explain your case in more detail. Find out more about Lakikaveri.

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