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There are about 200 of us at YTK. We are in Loimaa, Turku and many other places remotely. Our job is to take care of your unemployment protection and the twists and turns in your working life, to advise and guide you. Our work is varied and interesting, but the most exciting thing for all of us is that we can help you exactly when you need us.

Get to know us and our work!

Leena Leino

Working in YTK’s customer service since 1998

“I have been working in YTK’s customer service for 25 years. I am very happy to be doing something I like and something that makes me feel useful. In one working week, I usually have contact with well over 100 members, either by phone or email. 

In the last two decades, the complexity of members’ questions has grown considerably. There was a time when people asked relatively straightforward things like payment dates. Now all that stuff is on OmaYTK, and the questions are broader and more specific; there’s job alternation leave, transition security and so on. Of course, the rapid growth in the number of members and the societal changes over the years have also had an impact on my work.  

But the principle has remained the same: the most important thing is to try to help the client. Many people call us for the first time when they get unemployed or laid off, and that is not a nice situation. Often people ask for justification of decisions or clarification of amounts. 

As a rule, our customers are very nice and we can find a common understanding when I take the time to talk and explain. We are a kind of window to the outside world for the unemployment fund!”

Jan Raho 

Working in the YTK’s benefit processing from 2021 

“This job requires diligence, application skills and also some ability to cope with pressure. Constant changes in the law are the lifeblood of the job for me – there’s always something new to learn!   
Most of my encounters with members are through OmaYTK; I often need some additional information on an application. Quite understandably, this can be emotional for members because they are concerned about their livelihood – but as a rule, they are quick to understand the overall situation and that their case is being handled.    
Sometimes members tell us more about their own situation and life, which brings a human touch to the work. Members are certainly not just membership numbers for us, there is always a human being behind the number.   

Now that we’ve had some backlog, some people wonder why we don’t just hire more people. But this job requires so much skill that it takes six months to a year to train people. So we can’t just grab extra hands from the hiring company to process applications.” 

  • We received 616 431 applications for daily allowance. On the basis of these, we paid out almost 700 € million in daily allowances. 
  • Our phones rang a total of 126 378 times. 
  • We received 223 546 messages and sent even more to our customers – 281 148 messages. 
  • Our chat also ran hot. It was chatted with 42 968 times.