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Home Keep up with cutting-edge technology – study to be a cybersecurity professional in 90 days!

Keep up with cutting-edge technology – study to be a cybersecurity professional in 90 days!


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With the rapidly advancing digitalisation, tens of thousands of jobs open up in Finland every year for people with technology expertise – there is a constant need for new experts. Microsoft, universities, and a group of technology companies offer you an open for all, free university-level study path. The topics of the study path are cyber security and cloud technology. The study path is brought to you by Microsoft Skills for Jobs program.

Are you interested in cybersecurity but don’t know where to start? Do you want to create a new career in technology or maybe you already have technological know-how, but you are hoping to validate your skills? This cybersecurity micro-degree provides you with a practical pathway to study new skills as fast as in 90 days. Along with you on the study path are corporate mentors who share their own career stories and familiarize you with the topics to be studied on the path.

‘The micro-degree brings a completely new kind of working life-oriented study opportunity that complements other competences. Anyone with motivation can study, and progress in studies depends on one’s own schedule and motivation. Micro-degrees are born out of the needs of working life and thus also enable employment,’ says Matti Sarén, Rector of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Corporate mentors make working life a part of the cyber security micro-degree

“In the Microsoft Skills for Jobs program, we are involved in creating solutions to the talent shortage and developing the experts of the future. For us, this also means maintaining and developing the competence of our own personnel through the micro-degree. The study path makes it possible to get to know the industry with a low threshold,” says Merja Ranta-aho, HR Director at Elisa. Elisa is one of our corporate mentors.

Corporate mentors offer perspectives on working life by sharing their expertise on the topics studied on the path. With corporate mentors, you can get to know cyber security in the everyday life of organizations in a practical way and, for example, understand what a job in cybersecurity could look like. Additionally, corporate mentors have prepared working life-based assignments as part of the studies. Corporate mentors have a genuine desire to hire new talents graduating from the study path—could you be the next one?

“The cyber industry is facing a critical shortage of diverse talent. Different backgrounds are needed to tackle the complex challenges of today and the future”, says Maria Bique, co-founder and CEO of Cult, which developed CyberCoach. 

“We joined forces to develop a cybersecurity micro-degree so that everyone, regardless of background, can jump in and build a safer future for us all. At CyberCoach, we want to play our part in enabling people start their careers in cyber without previous work experience and create a workplace where being different is the norm”, Bique continues.

With a cybersecurity micro-degree you will expand your job opportunities

  • Opportunity to meaningful and well-paid work
  • Future technology skills
  • Available to everyone
  • Free of cost
  • 12 ECTS
  • Study at your own pace, no matter where or when, even in 90 days
  • No previous technology skills are required
  • The first module can be completed in Finnish or English. Further modules can be completed in English

Make yourself visible on LinkedIn!
Create a profile and update it with the skills you have obtained from the cybersecurity path. So, get your virtual job-hunting assistant working on your behalf and spend your time on things that matter to you.

Check out how: Rock Your LinkedIn Profile Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

When can I study and receive earnings-related daily allowance? 
If you are unemployed, it is possible for you to study open university studies on a part-time basis without affecting your unemployment benefit. According to the Unemployment Security Act, studies are part-time if their scope is less than 5 ECTS per month. In this case, the studies have no effect on the unemployment benefit.

When can I study and receive earnings-related daily allowance? 

As a technology professional, you are involved in building the future Finland!

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