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Choose freedom — Towards the future with Power Platform micro degree


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Everyone has special expertise in how to improve their own work and make it more meaningful digitally. Now implementing these ideas is easier and faster than ever before.

Technological advances and artificial intelligence have brought new opportunities to make our work more efficient and meaningful. Whereas before coding skills were needed for application development, now anyone can build automations and applications that make their own work and routines easier.  

With Microsoft’s new Power Platform micro degree you can acquire the skills to create applications for yourself and your work community. The university-level Power Platform micro degree is free and open to everyone, and it is available in English. The micro degree, which is worth eight (8) ECTS credits, has been developed in cooperation with Finnish higher education institutions, Microsoft, Forward Forever, Sulava and Arrow ECS Finland. 

With Microsoft Power Platform, you can turn ideas into apps without programming. A functional application can be created quickly by building from ready-made bricks, and then tested in practice and refined together with colleagues or artificial intelligence. 

Power Platform experts bring innovation and agility to workplace, enhancing digital transformation. By offering the opportunity to study, the employer can increase the employee’s motivation and commitment, as the employee’s opportunities to influence the content of their own work increase.  

The skills learned on the Power Platform study path are socially significant. A higher level of competence creates the conditions for greater added value in work and thus for economic growth. In addition, the Finnish Government Programme emphasises the utilisation of the opportunities offered by digitalisation in improving the efficiency of administration. 

“The next big step in the development of artificial intelligence is to enable all of us to create applications that make everyday life easier without coding skills becoming an obstacle. As a higher education institution, we want to support everyone to learn the tools of this transformation and to perceive opportunities to implement their own ideas. The micro degree gathers the knowledge and skills needed to utilise Microsoft Power Platform into an inspiring study path and complements the understanding of application development and digital transformation,” says Matti Sarén, Rector of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. 

“It is important for Sulava to be involved in promoting the digitalisation of society and educational opportunities. In the era of artificial intelligence, work automation is increasing, and low-code skills are opening up interesting job opportunities. We recommend taking the Power Platform micro degree for anyone looking for new opportunities! As Microsoft’s official training partner, we offer Power Platform training to those who want to deepen their skills further,” says Aki Antman, CEO of Sulava. 

“Supporting continuous learning is at the core of Arrow’s operations, and we have invested in developing Microsoft Power Platform expertise for years,” says Jyrki Korhonen, Country Manager, Arrow ECS Finland. 

“The success of companies is often hindered by a chronic shortage of experts. We want to be involved in supporting future experts and helping students find employment. The Power Platform micro degree now being published will bring new experts and open up opportunities,” Korhonen continues.  

“Forward Forever’s mission is to help people and organizations succeed with Microsoft Power Platform, which is why we are very excited to be a part of this initiative. The Power Platform micro degree can be the starting point for a new career, and we warmly recommend it to everyone who is interested in developing future working life with the help of technology,” says Olli Korpelainen, CEO, Forward Forever.   

The Power Platform micro degree is part of the Skills for Jobs programme, which aims to skill or reskill 100,000 technology experts over five years. Through the programme, 36,800 experts have so far gained new technology skills. The Skills for Jobs programme also offers, for example, the Cybersecurity micro degree and the popular Practical AI course. Next spring, a new micro degree will be released, allowing everyone to work with artificial intelligence in application development. 

A free Power Platform micro degree is just one click away. Seize freedom: