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Home Combined members of the YTK have ”a huge financial advantage” – ”I did not expect such a high quality and comprehensive range of courses”

Combined members of the YTK have “a huge financial advantage” – “I did not expect such a high quality and comprehensive range of courses”


  • Competence development
  • Member benefit

Every combined member of the YTK has free access to Eduhouse’s extensive online training library. It is mostly used to deepen one’s knowledge and to learn new things. The quality and variety of the training courses is almost unanimously praised in the member survey.

I’ve taken a few courses in my life and these are 10+. The instructors are very knowledgeable and up to the task.

Financially, it’s a great advantage!

The trainings have helped me with many practical things, e.g. Excel and other programs. I have received help both in finding employment and in finding a job.

The best member benefit you could wish for!

The training library is absolutely brilliant. It’s a great place to brush up on existing skills and learn new ones.

In a survey of combined members of the YTK, it was clear that the Eduhouse online training library is a member benefit that really benefits and delights. More than 70% of respondents would recommend the combined membership of the YTK because of the online training library and almost everyone (95%) would be displeased if the online training library were to be removed from the benefits of the combined membership of the YTK.

Fortunately, there are no such plans – quite the opposite! YTK Worklife is constantly looking for ways to help more members find training courses that suit and interest them.

Courses can be taken at your own pace, at intervals that suit you

The majority of respondents use the training library to deepen their knowledge of a familiar subject area. Almost as many also use it as a tool to learn a completely new skill or software.

Among the wide range of Eduhouse’s library, the most interesting are the training courses on various office applications such as Excel, Teams, Photoshop or InDesign. Courses on self-management and time management are also popular, as are courses on well-being, teamwork and leadership.

Courses in self-management and management skills also attracted the interest of Harri, who is considering a career change.

“With 10 years to go until retirement, I feel like I could still try something new. I’ve been thinking about going into small business as a consultant and trainer. With that in mind, Eduhouse’s online training library has a lot to offer!” Harri says.

Harri was so enthusiastic about the different courses that Eduhouse offer that he made a rather ambitious study plan for himself. However, with his current job and limited time, he has had to compromise a little on his plans. Fortunately, the Eduhouse training library can be used at your own pace and in a way that suits you.

“You can always listen to the episodes in the intervals you want. Sometimes I have put the training on headphones while driving, for example. It’s good that you can always go back to all the material – and you can pick up where you left off if you’re not finished,” says Harri.

Harri is pleased with the quality of the training courses he has already attended, as well as the ease of use of the system.

“The courses are run by super professionals! I have learned a lot of new things and gained new insights into previously familiar topics. It’s great that you can get such high quality training for free if you are a combined member of the YTK.”

Training sessions crystallise the essentials

For many others, the online training library has been a great help, especially in times of transition: when unemployed, changing sectors or changing jobs.

“I had left my last job and was just moving on to the next one. I had a bit more time and wanted to use it to update my skills,” says Anna, who chose courses in digital marketing and social media in particular. She has also already taken a few courses on management and human resources management.

“I didn’t expect such a high quality and comprehensive range of courses! There is a huge amount on offer and the courses are suitably compact. They’ve managed really well to summarise the essentials, so that no time is wasted,” Anna says.

She fell in love with the online training library so much that she has tried to make use of the service even in the midst of her busy new job.

“Now I’ve been looking quite specifically for information on the subject I need – and I’ve found some really topical and snappy sections.”

Anna has also taken advantage of the service’s live training sessions, which also take place remotely, but it’s not a recording but a real-time teaching session.

“In live training you can ask the trainer questions and there is interaction. It’s a really thorough and comprehensive concept. The lesson is effectively imparted!”