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Home Lauri got legal assistance quickly when everything did not go right at work

Lauri got legal assistance quickly when everything did not go right at work


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Especially in challenging situations in the working life it’s good to remember that you have at your disposal a legal expenses insurance in case of disputes that covers handling of civil and criminal cases related to employment in the private or public sector. For example, Lauri got legal assistance in a difficult case of termination of employment thanks to the legal expenses insurance.

“When things began to go sour at work with the termination of employment, it was easy to file the legal security case. First, I called the YTK Worklife services, we reviewed the situation and I quickly got to see a lawyer”, Lauri says.

Support and security for a difficult situation

Who: Lauri, salesman, 43 years
What happened:
 termination of employment
​​​​​​​How was it sorted out:
 legal expenses insurance covered a lawyer’s assistance

Our member Lauri ended up in a tight situation as a result of termination of employment. “As soon as I got the feeling that there’s something wrong here, I thought of seeking legal assistance and I got it easily by contacting the YTK Worklife services first.”

After a brief initial survey Lauri was referred to a lawyer who soon answered that the employer had not handled the matter in the way it should have done. So the situation changed as soon as there was contact with a lawyer. “The expertise of the attorney makes a difference, so that communication with the adverse party goes well. Information on precedents and proposals on the amount of compensation to be claimed are also important”. Lauri sums up.

The case went fine, the parties agreed on compensations, and now Lauri is starting in a new job. “I would be ready to pay even a higher membership fee, if the maximum amount of compensation were higher”, Lauri chuckles. “Nevertheless it’s definitely a membership benefit worth paying for and remembering!”