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Home Taija Numminen appointed senior lawyer – YTK Worklife strengthens its labour law expertise

Taija Numminen appointed senior lawyer – YTK Worklife strengthens its labour law expertise


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YTK Worklife, Finland’s largest association, has grown to become a major expert in labour law for its members through the Legal Buddy service. Every year, up to 20 000 people need advice and case management in matters of employment law, wages and termination agreements. As demand grows, the development of employment law matters and the advisory service is managed by Taija Numminen, a Master of Laws who has taken up the position of senior lawyer.

“YTK Worklife reaches a significant number of employees. I find it meaningful to be involved in developing the Legal Buddy service for such a wide range of people and helping members to take care of their rights and obligations in working life,” says Taija Numminen.

Numminen has previously worked in labour law as a lawyer both in a law firm and in workers’ organisations. She joins the YTK from the position of Senior Lawyer in Myynnin ja markkinoinnin ammattilaiset MMA.

“At YTK Worklife, there is a genuine desire to improve the employment law assistance available to members through the Legal Buddy service to make it better and more accessible. The large number of members makes this work important also socially, but personally I also appreciate the fact that I can also provide concrete advice and assistance to members,” says Numminen.

Foresight helps to agree on things

Ilona Kangas, Director at the YTK Worklife, says that last year alone, well over 15 000 members contacted the Legal Buddy service because of difficult situations they encountered at work.

“The beginning of the year has also shown that there is plenty of turbulence in working life and that there is a demand for legal advice. Termination agreements, pay claims and end-of-employment dilemmas have been on members’ minds. We feel it is really meaningful to be able to help in these times and we also appreciate the fact that our members have learned to make use of our services.”

The Legal Buddy service will continue to involve the extensive OpusLex network. The network includes more than 50 lawyers specialising in employment law, serving nearly 20 locations across Finland. Henkilöstötieto Paloniemi’s experts will help in pay matters and, for example, in cases where collective agreements are unclear.

The Legal Buddy service has been actively developed in recent years and there are no plans to stop. “We also want to invest in proactive communication and remind people that the key to everything is the employment contract. When it’s in place, it’s much easier to reach an agreement even in challenging situations,” says Kangas.

“We want Legal Buddy to be an even more approachable, relaxed, uncomplicated and quick service that as many people as possible can get hold of,” say Kangas and Numminen in unison.

The Legal Buddy service is included in the YTK Worklife membership fee, which will be 24 € in 2024. The service is not included in membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund.

YTK Worklife has more than 250 000 members from all sectors and all over Finland. The position of lead lawyer is new to the association.