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Home To stick to the termination agreement or not? A lawyer offers concrete help and support

To stick to the termination agreement or not? A lawyer offers concrete help and support


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The employer was about to weaken the terms and conditions of employment and offered a termination agreement as an alternative. In an uncertain situation, the employee received important help and support from a lawyer at Legal Buddy.

What was the case about?

After the change negotiations, the employer was unilaterally weakening the employee’s terms and conditions of employment. Even before the change negotiations, the employee’s tasks did not quite correspond to what had been agreed in the employment contract. The employer offered the employee a termination agreement as an alternative to the deterioration of the terms and conditions of employment. 

How was the matter resolved?

Unsure of what to do in such a situation, the employee contacted the YTK Worklife Legal Buddy service. With a lawyer, they went through the different options. At the same time, they discussed the fact that the employer had no grounds for dismissing the employee.  

The lawyer discussed with the employee the issues to be taken into account when concluding the termination agreement and where the agreement may have an impact. The Legal Buddy lawyer also reviewed the termination agreement themself. 
After careful consideration, the employee decided that the employment relationship would be terminated by mutual agreement between the parties, i.e. by a termination agreement. The member received a very reasonable compensation, which allowed him to look for a new job in peace.

Lawyer’s comment:

“Termination agreements and related issues are regularly featured in the Legal Buddy service. You can discuss the situation with a lawyer and the lawyer can also check the content of the termination agreement. If the termination is disputed, we also help the employee to draft settlement agreements.” 

Note! If you receive a severance payment based on an agreement between you and your employer at the end of your employment, this may affect your chances of receiving unemployment benefit. So remember to check with the unemployment fund beforehand what the effects of the termination agreement are.

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Example case

The examples are based on real-life cases investigated by the Legal Buddy service. The member in question has given permission to publish the story, or the details have been changed so that it is not possible to identify the member or the employer.​​​​​​​