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Learn to identify and articulate your skills


  • Competence development
  • Job seeking

Many people know a lot more than they let on. Identifying and articulating one’s own skills can be a challenge. Still, it is not worth holding back on practicing, because when you know what you are capable of and can tell others about it in an inspiring way, things such as searching for jobs will become many times easier!

Start by reflecting on and writing down what you know. Look back on your career for things to add on the list. This makes it easier to identify skills on your resume and job application or when preparing for a job interview.

  • What kinds of training courses have you attended and what have you learned in them?
  • What kind of skills have you acquired during your career?
  • If you are just starting out your career, you can also list skills from summer jobs, volunteer work, projects and internships.
  • What kinds of hobbies or free-time activities do you have and what have you learned through them?

You can also think about your social, technical or communicative skills. The questions below can help you reflect on your skills as broadly as possible.

  • What excites and interests you?
  • What kind of activities do you enjoy and when are you at your best?
  • What strengths can you recognise in your personality and style of working?
  • What kind of positive feedback have you received from others?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?
  • Are you handy with different technical systems?

When searching for jobs, practical examples of what you can do are especially useful.

While writing down your skills and strengths, try to recall situations in which you have been able to use them. You will typically get to share your experiences in the job interview at the latest.

You can use any method you prefer, whether a notebook, a list on your phone or an Excel spreadsheet. The idea is that you write down everything you have learned and update the list as you pick up new skills.

It is often helpful to discuss similar questions with someone else. YTK Working Life provides you with a career coach to support you in identifying and articulating your skills and provide job search coaching.

Read more about coaching and sign up!​​​​​​​

 We wish you inspiration in identifying your skills!

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