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Home Combined membership of the YTK will cost 129 € in 2024

Combined membership of the YTK will cost 129 € in 2024


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As a combined member of the YTK, you have a wide range of benefits to protect you from the ups and downs of working life. The YTK Unemployment Fund takes care of your income security, and from YTK Worklife you can get, among other things, a Legal Buddy for employment problems, insurance for work and leave, and tools for developing your skills. Next year, combined membership will cost 129 .

As a combined member in 2024, you will pay a YTK Unemployment Fund membership fee of 105 € and a YTK Worklife membership fee of 24 €. Both will invoice their own membership fees at the beginning of the year in separate invoices.

The amount of the YTK Unemployment Fund contribution is most affected by the unemployment of its members. As unemployment increases, we have to set aside more money for the benefits we pay out. For this year, we had estimated unemployment at around 7.5%. Until the summer, this estimate was correct, but has since started to increase with the recession. Our assumption is that next year unemployment will rise to around 8% and the membership fee will reflect this increase.

Take advantage of our versatile working life services!

As a combined member, in addition to income protection, you get:

  • A legal buddy to help you in tricky situations
  • Legal expenses insurance for employment disputes
  • Leisure Time Accident Insurance
  • An online training library of thousands of training courses
  • Numerous other useful benefits

Even if you only use a few of the benefits offered to you by YTK Worklife each year, you could save thousands of euros!

Remember to check your contact information and use e-invoicing

Next year’s membership fees will be sent in January. In order for your payment to be received, we need your up-to-date contact details. Please remember to check that they are up to date! You can easily check and update your contact details in OMA+.

We also recommend that you take advantage of e-invoicing if you don’t already have it. E-invoicing is the easiest way to ensure that your invoice is paid on time and that you can continue to benefit from our comprehensive range of employment services. By switching to e-invoicing now, you’ll also be entered into a prize draw! Read more.