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Dive into new lessons with ready-made learning paths


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Did you know that you can find almost 150 ready-made learning paths in the online training library for working life? Your learning will progress systematically, giving you a broad range of skills and perspectives. All content in the eLearning Library is free for combined members of the YTK.

We’ve picked out a few highlights for you, but take a closer look! In addition to our tips, you’ll find learning paths on topics such as management, finance, HR and payroll. 

You can find all the ready-made packages by searching for “learning path”. 


Remember to start by registering as an online education library user via OMA+ if you have not already done so. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI 21h 15 min 

This learning path explores AI and how to use it in creative work, writing, and making your own work more effective. You’ll also learn about AI security, among other things. 

Using AI to create images and videos 5h 19 min  

In this course, you will learn about the use of AI in the production of images and videos. You will also learn about different tools and security issues.  

Work life skills and well-being

Better working life: relevance, change and learning 4h 15 min 

It is often said that only change is permanent. This is also true in working life. The Learning Path will help you to understand how you can make a difference to ensure that your work continues to be meaningful and that you continue to learn.  

From mind to action – all about time management 6 h 47 min 

Do you feel that you don’t have enough time and find it hard to focus on one thing at a time? Do you have a backlog of unfinished work? During this learning path you will learn how to manage your time, minimise interruptions and plan and prioritise your work.  

Improve your well-being at work 9 h 53 min 

Good wellbeing at work is all about work that is enjoyable, rewarding, meaningful and not overwhelming. Come and learn how to maintain and improve your well-being at work!

Communication and project management

Communication and interaction at work 5h 15 min  

Interaction and communication are key work life skills. This learning path will help you strengthen your communication, presentation and negotiation skills.  

Social media content producer pathway 16 h 28 min 

Learn how to create eye-catching and professional content for different social media platforms. Get practical exercises and tips to help you produce professional content and reach your audience effectively on social media. 

Project management 16 h 28 min  

In this comprehensive course, you will learn not only about the role of the project manager, but also about scheduling, documentation, risk management and communication.