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“I told myself life would always go on, and you need to be brave if you want change”


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In our recent Jäsenpulssi survey, we asked our members to name the bravest choice they have made in working life. We were delighted to receive almost 8,000 responses! Here are some of your brave choices. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Dismissal opened up a new path

“After a long career, I received a notice of dismissal at the end of a round of co-operation negotiations. As a result, I completely changed my field and, at the age of 42, went to study on the other side of Finland for a completely different profession. I am recently graduated and doing a completely different job now than before.”

“At the age of 53, I went to study to become a sexton after more than 20 years of office work. This process was triggered as I got dismissed by the employer. I enjoyed a gap year before studying as much as I did the actual studying. I am now happy with my completely new working life, although I still don’t have a permanent job. But I strongly believe that I will find one.”

I learned to appreciate my current job

“I tried out a completely different industry for a year. I found out it wasn’t for me. I learned to value things and see many aspects of my original work in a different light.”

I value myself

“I have asked for a pay rise a few times because I am efficient and valuable to the company. I have always been given a pay rise the few times I have asked for one.”

“I resigned and got straight out when my previous employer failed to respond to grievances.”

New winds

“I just took a specialist position after eight years as a manager. The familiar and safe turned into something new that had to be learnt. This makes things exciting and insecure.”

“I switched from a retail sector job to a bridge crane operator position at a factory. It was the best decision!”

“I moved to another country and started my life all over again at the age of 26.”

“I decided to give up my job as a truck driver. During my first layoff, I started studies to become a carpenter. The decision was influenced by the fact that I had been studying at a vocational school before and got to within two weeks of graduating. That’s when I received such a good job offer that I dropped out of my studies.”

“I changed my industry. I started studying alongside work, and eventually quit my permanent employment due to a nine-week substitute position, and I hadn’t even graduated into a new profession. I told myself life would always go on, and you need to be brave if you want change. I haven’t regretted it for a day, and eventually I found employment at the company where I went for that nine-week substitute period.”

More responsibility

“I have been a sales manager for several years. The CEO of our company left, and I have now worked as acting Executive Director and been given a lot of responsibility in my job.”