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New way to contact a Legal buddy to solve your case more efficient


  • Legal assistance

Legal buddy is a service widely used by YTK Worklife members. Well over 10,000 people a year receive help in difficult situations related to their employment relationship. The service is well-liked and perceived as an important member benefit, as it is easy to reach a competent lawyer at short notice.

We have now redesigned and clarified the ways to contact us to make the Legal buddy service even better. In future, the preferred method of contact will be to submit a call request via a message in OMA+. In an acute situation, you can still call.

We will be testing the new model in November-December, so any feedback we receive during this period is important!

This is the quickest way to solve your problem in the future:

  1. A call request is left for the lawyer in the Messages section of OMA+. You will need your online banking credentials to log in.
  2. The message base will guide you on what is relevant to the situation.
  3. When you make a call request, you can attach documents related to your case.
  4. On the basis of your call request, you will receive general advice from Lakikaverti. Every working day, the Lawyers will follow up on our members’ messages and, once they have looked into the matter, will call you back within 2 working days. The call will come from a number starting with 020.

Once you have provided sufficient prior information about your case, your lawyer will be able to advise you better and more clearly. The service is also available in Swedish and English, if necessary.

Do you have a situation that requires same-day legal assistance? In this exceptional situation, you can also call a lawyer.