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Tips on the employment contract

Your employment contract is the most important document in your employment relationship. It is always a good idea to put your contract in writing and read it carefully and calmly. See our work life guide for the best advice and tips!

In your employment contract, you agree with your future employer on the main terms of your employment. It is always a good idea to discuss the content of the contract and your employment practices with your employer and make as detailed a record as possible. This will avoid any possible ambiguities later on.

The employment contract should include, among other things, the main tasks to be performed, the basis for payment of wages, annual leave and notice periods. It is a good idea to make sure that your employment contract states which collective agreement applies to your employment relationship.

When you are about to start a new employment contract, you should also find out whether there is a probationary period in your employment contract. During this period, both you and your employer have the right to terminate the employment relationship with immediate effect. Read more about the probationary period.

What and how should you agree on in your contract?

The form of the employment contract may vary, e.g. depending on the nature of the work

  • An employment contract for an indefinite period is, as its name implies, for an indefinite period.
  • An employment contract may be for a fixed term at the employer’s initiative, provided that a justified reason is given. If the employee expressly wishes to conclude an employment contract for a fixed term, no justification is required. In certain situations, the employment contract may also be fixed-term, for example because of the nature of the work or because of a substitution. It is worth remembering that an employer may not chain, i.e. enter into several successive fixed-term relationships with an employee without a justified reason.
  • An employment contract can also be a hybrid contract, i.e. a combination of a fixed-term contract and an employment contract of indefinite duration.
  • When you work on a temporary basis, you sign an employment contract with the company that hires out the workers. However, the company that needs your work will, among other things, manage your work. Read more.

Can the terms and conditions of employment be changed afterwards?

Are you wondering whether it is possible for you or your employer to change the terms and conditions of employment after the employment contract has already been signed? Read more about changing the terms and conditions of employment.

Termination of employment

The employment relationship usually ends with dismissal, mutual agreement or termination. As an employee, you do not have to give reasons for your own termination, but you should check your employment contract in advance to check the date of termination – your employment relationship will only end after this date. If your employer wants to terminate your employment contract, he must have a valid and serious reason for doing so, as required by the Employment Contracts Act. Read more about termination of employment.

A Legal Buddy to help you with your contract

The Legal Buddy is available to all combined and student members to help with employment issues. For example, you can ask a lawyer about the terms and conditions of your employment contract, and a lawyer can also look over your contract before you sign it. Don’t be left alone to worry about things, ask your lawyer!

Specific trainings from webinars

You can also find help on how to conclude an employment contract in the online training library for combined and student members. Check out these, for example:

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How to get a job contract – How to find the right employment contract – How to find the right employment contract To view the content, you must be registered as a user of the online training library. If you are not yet registered, you can do so in our members’ OMA+ service in the webinars and training section.​​​​​​​

Tips from Lakiruutu

In our Lakiruutu video series, lawyers give advice and practical guidance on issues that many people are wondering about in their employment relationship. What is good to know about employment terms and conditions and how to change them? When can employers have the right to dismiss their employees? How to prepare for change negotiations? You can watch the videos in the Webinars and training section of the OMA+ service for members.