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Talking about wages

Wages are compensation for work done. A basic salary is often agreed at the outset, but what about changes or bonuses? These should also be written as clearly as possible in the employment contract. We’ve put together a comprehensive information pack for you on salary-only topics.

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What should everyone know about pay?

Wages are the remuneration paid by the employer for the work done by the employee. How do you know the minimum wage for your job? When are you entitled to a wage if you have been prevented from doing your job?

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It pays to check your pay slip every time

Employers must give their employees a payslip when they are paid. It is a good idea to check the pay slip regularly. This will ensure that your salary has been paid correctly and that, for example, there is no chance of a mistake being repeated. If there is anything you are not sure about, you can also contact the experts at Legal Buddy.

Overtime should also be agreed carefully

You and your employer should always agree on overtime separately. At the same time, you should also agree how you will be compensated for overtime: in time off or in cash. See what overtime pay you are entitled to.

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Holiday pay, holiday bonus and holiday compensation

Every worker is entitled to be paid during annual leave. Usually, the holiday pay is paid to the employee before the holiday starts. Find out how to make sure your holiday pay is paid correctly!

Did you know that holiday pay is not the same as holiday bonus? Unlike holiday pay, an employee is not entitled to holiday bonus without a separate agreement. Holiday bonus is based on a collective agreement, employment contract or workplace practice. Read more about holiday bonus.

Holiday compensation, on the other hand, usually refers to the amount of money paid to the employee at the end of the employment relationship for the days of holiday not taken. You can find more information here.

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Questions about salary? The Legal Buddy is here to help!

Are you wondering if your wages are paid correctly or if you are owed wages? The Legal Buddy is here to help all our full and student members. You can contact The Legal Buddy about your employment matters with a low threshold.

Watch the video for the lawyer’s tips

In our Lakiruutu video series, you can get legal advice on common employment challenges. When do you need to be paid? What if your pay is late or incorrect? Get answers to these topics and more in our Lakiruutu episode on pay (Part 8). You can find the videos in the Webinars and training section of OMA+.

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Getting to grips with the basics of pay

Learn the basics of payroll in the online training library for combined member benefits. Remember to start by registering as a user of the training library if you haven’t already!

Here’s how to get through a salary negotiation

The job advertisement asks for a salary request. How do you know what to ask for? Is it better to ask for a little too much or too little? And when can you ask your current employer for a pay rise? Read our expert advice on salary negotiations!

What happens to your salary if you fall ill?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what kin of salary you’re entitled to when you’re ill. Our Guide to Working Life also provides information on this and when you may be obliged to work during sick leave.

You can also find out more about this topic in our online training library on the benefits of full members. Remember to start by registering as a user of the training library if you haven’t already done so!

What if you don’t get paid?

The wage security protects your pay if your employer goes bankrupt or is otherwise insolvent. Any claims that your employer would be liable to pay can be paid out under the wage security. It is advisable to act quickly, as you must apply for a wage security within three months of the due date. Read more about the wage security.

What to do if your employer fails to pay your wages and goes bankrupt? What about other insolvency situations? These questions will be answered at the Lakiruutu webinar “All about the security of wages”, open to all. Watch the webinar.