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Sick pay

The Employment Contracts Act (55/2001) contains general provisions on periods of sick pay; however, collective agreements often provide for longer periods than the Act.

According to the law, employees are entitled to receive their normal wages in employment relationships of more than one month’s duration for the day of illness and the working days included in the following nine working days. In the case of employment contracts of less than one month, the employee is entitled to receive half of his normal salary.

Obligation to work while on sick leave

If a doctor has determined that an employee is completely incapacitated, the employer cannot oblige the employee to work during sick leave.

In individual cases, for example, an employee in a supervisory position may be obliged to perform minor essential tasks. The duties must not pose a health risk to the worker.

If, according to the medical certificate, the employee has “factors limiting the ability to work” and has not been found to be incapacitated, the employee does not have the right to be absent from work. The parties to the employment relationship jointly agree on how the limiting factors will be taken into account in organising the duties.

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