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Holiday bonus

You are not entitled to holiday bonus without a separate agreement. The payment of holiday bonus is based either on a collective agreement, the employment contract or a practice followed at the workplace. Holiday bonus is paid either in connection with annual holiday pay before the start of the holiday or after the holiday, depending on what is agreed.

Exchanging holiday bonus for time off

Not all collective agreements include the possibility to exchange holiday bonus for time off. However, if this is possible under the collective agreement, the exchange of holiday bonus for time off must be agreed with the employer. In other words, the employee cannot decide the matter on their own.

Holiday bonus is 50% of the amount of holiday pay

Usually, receiving holiday bonus requires returning to work after the holiday, and the bonus is often paid in two instalments before and after the holiday.

Please note that annual holiday pay is required by law, whereas holiday bonus is agreed locally or in the collective agreement. 

Is my employer required to pay me a holiday bonus?

The Annual Holidays Act does not contain provisions on the payment of holiday bonus. The payment of holiday bonus may be based on a collective agreement or an established practice at the workplace. The conditions for the payment of holiday bonus must be checked from the applicable collective agreement or from the employer.

If the sector does not have a universally binding collective agreement and the payment of holiday bonus is not established, the employer is not required to pay holiday bonus.