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Job search tips

Need a map and coordinates for your job search? We’re here to help you, no matter what kind of leap you’re trying to make! Check out our wide range of tips

Nainen tutkii merikarttaa kanootin vieressä.

A successful job search is based on a thorough understanding of yourself, your skills and strengths, and a goal: what do I want to do next in my career and what kind of job opportunities interest me? It also helps if you understand the rules of today’s job search, take advantage of networking opportunities and take care of your own wellbeing in the midst of a job search.

With the help of our services

  • update your job search skills
  • learn to identify and articulate your own skills
  • create up-to-date and functional job search documents (yes, CVs and applications are still needed in many places)
  • learn how to use LinkedIn as a key tool in your job search
  • get the tools to deal with the downside of the job search, the stress and strain it can cause


We want to help you realise that you have unique skills and strengths that make you valuable and interesting in the job market.

It is these unique skills and strengths that will help you move towards your next career goal!

Sparring and learning from a job search coach

As a combined and student member, we offer you one-to-one guidance from a career coach. Our professional tips will help you write your CV and job application, identify your skills or prepare for a job interview.

Mies peilin edessä pukemassa valkoista kauluspaitaa.

Job search skills to master

Pick up useful job search tips from the Online Training Library. As a combined member or student member you get a huge selection of contents free of charge, once you have registered as a user through OMA+. Take a look at these:

ChatGPT as a jobseeker’s tool

Tips for an effective job search

How to search for a job on LinkedIn

Find more training courses using the keyword ‘job search’!

Find thousands of training courses from job search skills to digital skills to management in our training selection!

How to access the online education library free of charge

  1. Register as a user via OMA+
  2. Fill in the registration form and confirm your registration via the email you will receive
  3. Here you go! The content of the eLearning library is now available to you!
Naiset juttelevat kahvilassa.

Convince your future employer with your language skills

If better language skills could open new doors in your career, check out the language courses in the award-winning WordDive app! As a combined or student member, you get extra study time for free.

Pathways to work

There are many routes to a new job. We’ve put together some different ways for you to find an exciting new opportunity!

Useful links for jobseekers

Did you know that not all jobs can be found on the Labour Market Portal run by the employment services? To find a wider range of vacancies, we recommend you choose a few different services that you monitor regularly. Choose from these, for example!

Luotettava työntekijä -service

Find a job on the new job search service or at recruitment events! The Luotettava työntekijä service will help you to identify and articulate your skills, create a job search profile, find jobs and employers in your employment area and sector, and more. See also recruitment events.

Learn to become a cyber security expert in 90 days

With the rapid pace of digitalisation opening up tens of thousands of jobs every year in Finland for people with technology skills, there is a constant need for new talent. Microsoft, universities and a number of technology companies offer you an open, free university-level study path. It covers topical and relevant issues such as cyber security and cloud computing. The micro-degree in cyber security is part of the Skills for work project. Find out more!

Would you like to learn how you can make use of artificial intelligence? Microsoft also offers a free Practical AI course open to all.

Apply for recruiting training programmes

A pathway to work by expanding your skills

In cooperation with employers and training organisations, the TE services organise so-called recruitment training programmes for new jobs, known as F.E.C. training and RekryKoulutus, but with similar basic principles.

The aim is to develop the jobseeker’s professional skills to meet the needs of the partner organisation.

The training programmes allow you to update your skills and find an interesting new job at the same time. Participating companies also have a good view of hidden jobs.

The duration of the training programmes varies between three and nine months. They cover a wide range of occupational fields, for which it is typically difficult to find so-called “ready-made” skills. Indeed, many training courses train participants in a new field from the ground up, with no prior knowledge required.

During the training programme, the jobseeker receives both theoretical training and on-the-job learning in a partner organisation. The idea is that after the training, the person will be employed by the partner organisation. For example, Saranen Consulting reports an employment rate of 80 % for those who have completed their training, Talentgate 70-80 % and Aalto PRO over 70 %.

For more information on F.E.C. training, see the TE services website

More information on RekryKoulutus on the website of the TE services

  • a person who is unemployed or threatened with unemployment, who is keen to upgrade their skills and perhaps find employment in a completely new type of job.
  • including recent graduates or people returning from, for example, family leave.

You can browse the training programmes on offer by using the TE services’ labour market training search. Enter either F.E.C or recruitment training as the search term. There are several dozen programmes available all over Finland. See the description of each training programme for detailed application instructions and criteria.

For more information on applying for training and benefits during training, contact the national TE services’ Training Advisory Service.

Sources:  TE-Palvelut/ F.E.C-koulutus  TE-Palvelut/Rekrykoulutus

Hidden jobs – What and how?

Did you know that only about 20-30% of all job opportunities are advertised? The rest are hidden jobs. Yet the vast majority of people looking for a new job spend up to 90% of their job search time searching for vacancies and competing with at worst dozens or even hundreds of others, rather than putting in the effort to find hidden jobs.

Increasingly, hidden jobs are being found through or by expanding one’s own networks. The best channel for networking is LinkedIn. It’s no longer just for the few, with up to 1.7 million Finns already registered. Take a look at the LinkedIn job search training from the Online Job Training Library and make the most of the hidden job opportunities!

Inspiration from a changing working life

4T Summit studiossa Marjaana Toiminen, Esa Riutta ja Reidar Wasenius.

4T Summit – Change is possible when you are in the driver’s seat

The world of work is in turmoil, and artificial intelligence, among other things, is rapidly changing the way we work. What does this mean for individuals and how can you prepare for change? Find the answers at the 4T Summit! A recording of the event is now available for everyone to watch.

Perttu Pölönen

Open for work podcast

The future is about the choices we make today, says Perttu Pölönen in our Open to Work podcast on the future of working life. What do we need for a good and balanced (working) life now and in the future? What opportunities will the jobs of the future bring? In the podcast, Perttu discusses issues such as future skills, unemployment and forms of work with guests from different fields.

The burden of job search

Although the job search is often exciting and exhilarating, it can also be stressful at times. The financial situation can haunt you and the future can feel uncertain. It’s natural to feel anxious, even stressed, because it’s a big change. However, job loss can happen to any of us, and more and more of us find ourselves unemployed at some point in our careers. Careers are full of different phases, of which unemployment is one, as are parental leave, short periods of employment, sabbaticals, negotiations for change, promotions and, finally, retirement. Unemployment is nothing to be ashamed of or hide.

For tools to deal with the emotional baggage of unemployment, see Aava Virra’s eight-week training. It will help you gain self-reflection skills and ways to manage feelings of anxiety, as well as tools to calm down and relax amidst the pressures of the job search.

See also the Changes in Working Life training.

Employment contract to be signed? Take note of these!

Did you find a new job? Great – congratulations! Just remember to be careful with your contract. We’ve put together a ready-made list of things to consider. If you’re worried about something in your employment conditions or contract, you can also contact Legal Buddy.