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Annual leave

During the employment relationship, the employee accrues days of paid leave, or so-called annual holiday. The Annual Holidays Act (162/2005) contains general provisions on accruing days of holiday and holiday pay, but collective agreements often contain better terms than the law.

This page contains more information on matters related to annual leave, such as holiday payaccrual of annual holiday, holiday bonus and annual holiday compensation.

How much is holiday pay?

At least the regular or average wages or salary is paid for the period of annual holiday. A person on a weekly and monthly salary receives his or her normal salary for the duration of the holiday. Read more.

How do I accrue days of annual holiday?

The employee accrues annual holiday according to the months worked. The length of holiday is affected by the length of the employment relationship. Read more.

What does holiday bonus mean?

The payment of holiday bonus is based either on a collective agreement, the employment contract or a practice followed at the workplace. You are not entitled to holiday bonus without a separate agreement. Holiday bonus is paid either in connection with annual holiday pay before the start of the holiday or after the holiday, depending on what is agreed. Read more.

What is annual holiday compensation?

Holiday compensation usually refers to an amount of money paid to the employee at the end of the employment relationship for unused days of holiday. Read more.

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Employment law – Annual Holidays Act