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Accrual and amount of earnings-related pension

Earnings-related pension accrues on the basis of wages earned each year. The pension accrues from the age of 17 until the age of 68. The pension accrues at a certain accrual rate, depending on the age of the insured person. There is no quantitative ceiling in the pension system, but all work up to the age of 68 accrues a pension.

Age                 Accrual percentage
17-                 1.5%
53-62 1.7% (transition period 2017-2025)

If the employee continues to work beyond the minimum old-age pension age, he or she will receive a deferred pension increase of 0.4 per cent for each month of deferral in addition to the basic accrual.

When a person does not receive a salary but is paid some earnings-related social benefit, an earnings-related pension is earned at a certain percentage based on the earnings on which the benefit is based, depending on the social benefit. Below is a list of accrual percentages according to certain categories of benefits:

  • maternity, paternity and parental allowance periods 117%
  • unemployment allowance 75 %
  • sickness and accident allowance 65%
  • job alternation leave 55%

When calculating the pension accrual for unpaid periods, the accrual percentage is always 1.5% per year.