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Notice of termination

In a situation where an employer dismisses an employee, the notice of termination of the employment contract must be delivered to the employee in person. Correspondingly, even in a situation where the employee hands in their resignation, the notice must be submitted to the employer or their representative in person.

​​​​​If this is not possible, the notice may be submitted by letter or electronically.

A notice sent by letter or electronically shall be deemed to have been brought to the attention of the recipient no later than the seventh day after it was sent.

If the employee is on annual leave, dismissal based on a notice sent by letter or electronically shall take effect at the earliest on the day following the end of the leave.

At the employee’s request, the employer shall inform the employee in writing without delay:

  • the date of termination of the employment contract, and
  • the known reasons for dismissal or termination on the basis of which the employment contract was terminated.

The law is based on the premise that all grounds for termination are indicated in the notice. The purpose of this provision is to enable the grounds for termination to be assessed and possible unnecessary litigation to be avoided. Nevertheless, the case-law has taken into account unnotified grounds which were already known at the time of termination. Failure to state a ground for termination or an incomplete or false reason may be taken into account when awarding compensation for groundless termination.

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