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Claiming unpaid wages during employment

Pursuant to the Employment Contracts Act (Chapter 2, Section 13), pay shall be paid on the last day of the pay period, unless otherwise agreed.

If the employee believes that they have not received all the wages owed to them, they must ask their employer for an adjustment of the payment of wages. If your employment relationship is still valid, you can contact your employer by using the unpaid wages claim form.

My wages are late or unpaid. What can I do?

If your wages are late or unpaid, contact your employer to ask them why the payment of wages has been delayed. You can also submit an unpaid wages claim form to your employer.

​If your employer does not pay your wages despite your demand, the Lakikaveri legal service is at your assistance – read more.

If the non-payment of wages is due to the employer’s lack of funds and insolvency, you must file for pay security within three months of the due date of the unpaid wages. You can read more about filing for pay security here.

What should I do if the payment of wages is delayed?

What if the employer is insolvent? By logging in to the OMA+ service in the upper right corner, you can watch episode 8 of the Lakiruutu series on salary payment issues. Themes of the Lakiruutu series include the submission of a unpaid wages claim form and the process of claiming unpaid wages from the employer.